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Recommendation for self esteem, self worth.

mamabear22 posted 6/3/2020 15:21 PM

Hi all,
Could anyone recommend a good book on building your self worth or self esteem.
Putting your self first that kind of thing.
I know that is where I really need to focus right now.

A bit about what you liked about the book might be helpful.

Thank you in advance.

Hedwig posted 6/4/2020 03:36 AM

Hi! I am currently working on this myself, as a recommendation from my therapist. The book I am using is 'Build your confidence with CBT' by Manja de Neef and I am really enjoying it so far.

What I like most about it, is that it gives you assignments so you actually have to do some work instead of just reading. The reading itself has given me a lot of insights but then the assignments really build on that.

It's about building self-esteem and self-worth, not so much about putting your self first. I mean, it will be a logical next step, I think. But the book does not help you with saying 'no' when you want to say yes or that kind of thing. It helps you see and focus on the good traits you already have within you to make a more well-round, positive self-esteem.

sisoon posted 7/4/2020 12:20 PM

I'm sorry I didn't see this earlier.

Born to Win by James and Jongeward

gmc94 posted 7/7/2020 10:07 AM

I liked Rick Hanson's "Resilient". Not so much "about" self esteem and self worth, but he talks A LOT about "being for yourself" kind of thing.

I also got a lot from Brene Brown's books.

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