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Operation: Household Merge

Cheatee posted 8/28/2019 14:36 PM

Hi Friends!

I wanted to share an update about the glacial process of having my GF move in to my house.

We hit a bit of a delay due to a rental house renovation that took far longer than expected. But now we have a deadline of the end of December. She's going to be renting her house out as a Sabbatical home, since she lives in a beautiful older home two blocks from a major university.

We're going to swap furnitures around so our precious stuff is at our house and the less precious stuff is at the sabbatical house. We've got a pretty good handle on that swapping.

We're redoing a bunch of stuff in what's been my house, since 1) it's almost 20 years old and some things are due 2) It will give the house a new feel that incorporates her tastes and 3) it will help rid the home of my Ex's cooties.

So far, it's been good, although it's funny how I find myself resisting certain minor things (the new placement of the leather couch and piano in the living room). And just when I think we've come to a beautiful consensus on something - Boom, she brings in her girlfriends for consultation and everything has to be renegotiated. I kid her about that, but it's definitely a thing.

Also, I am a hobby woodworker and furniture builder on the side, so I'm finding myself with a growing list of projects to do in anticipation of the merger - I'm building her a set of floor-to-ceiling bookcases for her study, I'm having to make a stemware case that matches her existing DR lowboy made of reclaimed teak (yikes, that's going to be tough!). Then more storage everywhere.

Her daughter, in her late 20s is living in Montreal, but we're semi-converting the guest BR to hers, for when she visits with her partner. My daughter, a senior in college, claims great indifference to all the changes, although for my own nostalgia, I've left her room as she left it. She will likely stay in NYC where she is in school, and has told me to go ahead and repossess her BR, but I'm not ready for that.

Next up: New countertop, sink and faucet, new paint throughout most of the interior, and refinishing the floors!!!

I am very excited!

Want2BHappyAgain posted 8/28/2019 15:00 PM

What a GREAT post to read...thanks so much for sharing !!!

Hutch posted 8/28/2019 17:36 PM

@Cheatee Please say you’re for hire! I offer a great vacation spot you and your GF can visit after your renovations! 😊

In all seriousness, very exciting stuff going on!

[This message edited by Hutch at 5:36 PM, August 28th (Wednesday)]

WhoTheBleep posted 8/28/2019 20:12 PM

Love this update! Enjoy the process! Update again when you have settled in.

Cheatee posted 8/29/2019 06:21 AM


@Cheatee Please say you’re for hire! I offer a great vacation spot you and your GF can visit after your renovations! 😊
In all seriousness, very exciting stuff going on!

Well, I'm not swinging the hammer on every phase of this. I'm building bookcases, shelves, making a Japanese style screen to hide the back of the piano (now exposed with new rearrangement). But I'm wholly outsourcing the countertop, sink, plumbing, painting and floor refinishing. I could do all that stuff myself (except for floors), but it would take me waaaay too long.

But let's talk about your vacation spot. Maybe we could trade for a couple weeks. I'm on three acres in the woods on a ridge above an environmentally protected river. It's pretty magical.

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