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Great Posts for Newbies to Read

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ThriveNotSurvive posted 6/30/2010 16:39 PM


Many of these posts have been around for a while, and people have tried to keep them bumped to the front pages. But with our membership growing so quickly and posting so much they can get to the back before you know it! Once it gets to the end of page 25 a post is gone.

Luckily I saved a bunch and as I said they will be added to the Healing Library when our lovely leaders can.

I hope they helped!

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AwareNow posted 6/30/2010 17:50 PM

Thank you so much for putting these all together! I will copy and past and use for the future.

I don't know much about SerJ. Was she able to repair her marriage? Is she a psychologist? Whatever she is, I'm very impressed!

ThriveNotSurvive posted 6/30/2010 18:25 PM

SerJR is one of our male members. He did divorce, but I understand he is currently engaged to a wonderful woman and is very happy.

So many of our members who have been here a while and are further along in thier healing stay to help out others. SerJr, just seems to focus a lot of his wisdom on helping those in JFO.

Broken10 posted 6/30/2010 18:41 PM

Thank you, thank you. Just what I needed today!

SerJR posted 6/30/2010 20:36 PM

Thanks for collecting this Thrive - you rock!!


Yes, I did divorce as my exwife continued to date other men after d-day and I told her I would rather make the marriage work - I wasn't going to accept that behaviour continuing. I am engaged to a wonderful woman and we are planning to marry in September.

Unfortunately, things have been rather busy with a career change and I haven't been able to post as much the past few months, but I still do pop in from time to time.

The one thing I can tell you though, is that no matter what - if you can stay true to your principles and keep faith in yourself that you will be okay

AwareNow posted 7/3/2010 21:39 PM

Thank you for replying SerJR! I am honored.

It really seems that you have healed and moved on. Your journey in healing is an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all your hard work in writing your posts and giving hope to others. I'm new here, but I can see how grateful to you everyone here is.

And congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

[This message edited by AwareNow at 9:40 PM, July 3rd (Saturday)]

Edie posted 7/6/2010 03:08 AM


ThriveNotSurvive posted 7/6/2010 09:42 AM

I recently found out that Holly-Isis is the author of the wonderful "BS Bill of Rights" post.

Thank you so much Holly for taking the time to put together such a powerful tool! It's so helpful not only to the newbies, but to those a little farther out that need to be reminded of there rights.

A few of these weren't written by SerJr. If you wrote them or know who did please send me a PM so I can give credit to the author!

[This message edited by ThriveNotSurvive at 9:45 AM, July 6th (Tuesday)]

ThriveNotSurvive posted 7/8/2010 16:21 PM


Lotsa posted 7/11/2010 02:18 AM

Bumpity bump...

socold posted 7/13/2010 17:19 PM



ThriveNotSurvive posted 7/15/2010 21:46 PM


feelingstupid09 posted 7/15/2010 23:03 PM

WOW, thanks so much. These are great. I am not JFO but boy these helped me.

thanks again!

ThriveNotSurvive posted 7/18/2010 23:31 PM


ThriveNotSurvive posted 7/21/2010 22:21 PM


ThriveNotSurvive posted 7/25/2010 23:58 PM


Edie posted 7/27/2010 09:07 AM


sharonons posted 7/27/2010 10:40 AM

This is so awesome. Im on my second d day and post quite a bit in the divorce and seperation forum. I kicked him out.BUt this helps my soul heal a little bit. I have posted them to word and read them when i need a boost. thank tou so much.

SuspiciousWife posted 7/27/2010 21:46 PM

another bump, just in case

ThriveNotSurvive posted 8/3/2010 16:44 PM


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