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Anyone else get the "gift" of Christmas Covid?

Topic is Sleeping.

 gmc94 (original poster guide #62810) posted at 3:49 AM on Saturday, January 8th, 2022

I'd rather have a sweater I don't like, fruitcake, or any other "gift" than Covid

Ain't that the truth (leave the Covid, take the cannoli).

I have to admit I feel pretty damned lucky I got it when I could still get a test. WH tested this AM so he could go back to the office, but he's still positive (tho his symptoms were never as bad as mine). Mid-week my sinuses started going crazy. Still headachey (tho not nearly as bad as last week), and tire easily.

I'm so sorry you are getting hit, and your son and rest of family will be in my heart.

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ISurvivedSoFar ( Guide #56915) posted at 12:23 PM on Saturday, January 22nd, 2022

Hit our family Dec 24. Daughter came home from college and about five days later got sick. Five days after I got sick. Yep, both positive. Since Daughter tested negative PCR the day before coming home from college, then went out with friends before break, we know she got it that night and brought it home (bestie at school with whom she went out also tested positive same time as Daughter).

Oddly H did not get it. He's immuno-compromised and has other risks but never got it. We had to quarantine and he could not get his doctor visits for unrelated medical issues because he was in a house with folks who tested positive.

H and I are triple vaxxed. Daughter was only double at the time and got her booster after she recovered from COVID.

Daughter is really upset she got it and brought it home. She's made a pact with her friends that they go back to school and stay inside and only with each other to avoid this again. :-( University tests twice weekly for all persons on campus and have since the very beginning.

And so it goes...

I hope everyone gets through this okay. Be careful and stay well.

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Topic is Sleeping.
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