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hikingout posted 7/20/2020 09:17 AM

Hey guys - I was thinking about you this morning and wondered if you have had your newest addition yet? Or if anyone else had heard any news as I am not sure how much either of them are here?

Lalagirl posted 7/21/2020 13:06 PM

Hallmack was banned back in January, so he would not be able to post. I hope that iamtrash's pregnancy is going well and hope she updates when she can.

hikingout posted 7/21/2020 13:39 PM

I didn't know that. Well, I have seen Iamtrash since then on, so maybe she will see this if she is still reading and give us an update!

godheals posted 7/21/2020 16:49 PM

I wish Iamtrash would change her name. Itís just sounds so harsh. She is not trash she just needs help.

FoenixRising posted 7/21/2020 22:35 PM

Well Iíve missed a lot. Hello old friends. Hello new friends.

Trash, Iím still just a PM away. Love and light.

hikingout posted 7/22/2020 08:13 AM

HI FR - How are things with you?

Godheals - me too.

Chaos posted 7/22/2020 11:28 AM

I always refer to and think of Iamtrash as Iamrecycling [she made that analogy about herself early on and it resonated].

I too hope one day she changes her name.

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