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Christmas Day Surprise

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Booyah posted 7/12/2020 19:13 PM

Agree with HellFire, she isn't a good mother!!

A good mother doesn't put her family/kids security at risk.

Potentially blowing up your kids world for attention or a roll in the hay is just flat out selfish.

Good parents do NOT do this to their kids.

Butforthegrace posted 7/17/2020 05:39 AM

Adavid are you with us?

Anna123 posted 7/17/2020 08:39 AM

Not sure is OP is coming back but if so, I wanted to chime in and let you know that a friend of mine's teen-age daughter found out Dad was cheating at Christmas on her new iPad downloading imessages also.

This could have been your daughter. She is now in college and after giving Dad a second chance, with him promising it was over (this is the daughter here, not Mom) he cheated again. She has no relationship with Dad now. He tells people that his daughter is 'holding a grudge' and just can't move on. I won't say whether your wife is a good mom or not, but I will say she is selfish and thoughtless. I hope this all works out but the kids not knowing NOW that Mom is the cheater, creates a fuzzy time-line in the future with memories of Mom and Dad just not getting along and potential anger at YOU for this situation if at some point you decide to divorce. Now instead of worrying about only weekends (which isn't what would happen, you would get 50/50 likely), now you have a child with animosity towards you.

Take care and I truly hope your wife is on a path to true remorse and proves it to you over and over again so you can come to peace in your soul.

redwing6 posted 7/17/2020 15:53 PM

I don't think he's coming back. I believe what was said to him was too much for him to take. He's still in a fog and thinks this will have a positive outcome...

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