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I can hardly breathe -anxiety is taking over

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Dispirited posted 1/5/2020 04:36 AM

He was impressed by values and integrity .

Ummm....are you serious? and you don't see why or how that's a bunch of BS? I understand the change in him, but sometimes we have to step back and realize it's a totally different person. And yes- it sucks....they never tell any truth for whatever reason(s).

I assure you- you are better off although it's tough to end a lengthy relationship. When someone strays. normally it's not a one-time mistake. Food for fodder with others who insist upon taking back serial cheaters.I will retire to bedlam:)

NEWPERSON posted 1/6/2020 07:41 AM

@ Despirited

you are dead right in my case once a cheater always a cheater, but I do believe a person can learn and change but they have to want better for themselves and their spouse .

MY WH expects people to behave better than him,according to him he is an exception and is super special but I told him that he can go be an exception his parents house not with me -I have two sons that I must raise with respect and dignity and he has non so what will they learn from him.

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