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deena04 posted 10/14/2018 17:20 PM

This is a sort of thread jack from a thread a couple of months ago. We were discussing paranormal activities. Since it is October, does anyone have any interesting on new paranormal experiences to share? My toilet broke it so the other night. Does that count? I’ve had my share of the unexplained, such as a non-working cell ringing two hours after my dad died. I had upgraded a few weeks before that, shut the phone off, so it was non-working, but in my purse ringing away. My dad loved to talk on the phone FYI.

nscale56 posted 10/14/2018 18:04 PM

I live in the Harpers Ferry area. We used to go there on Saturday nights when the town was quiet. Never saw any Ghosts. Same in Charlestown where John Brown was hung. I don't know. I've never seen one and don't want to. If there are any they should be around here and surrounding battle fields.

TrustedHer posted 10/14/2018 20:03 PM

I recently went to The Whaley House in Old Town San Diego. It claims to be the most haunted house in the United States, but of course, many do.

It was an interesting visit and something you might look into.

Thus far in my life, I've been somewhat immune to the whole haunting thing. For instance, I lived in a hundred year old house in Alton, IL (the most haunted city in America ) for 15 years, and raised my kids there. Everyone else in the house reported spooky things except me.

ncharge posted 10/14/2018 22:01 PM

Yes. I grew up in a haunted house. And my current home was haunted when I got here. I took care of that. So, in my childhood home:
:there was an angry old man who hung out in my parents bedroom and a 2nd floor sunroom. When he was in that sunroom, the room looked old with peeling wallpaper and dirt and cobwebs. When he wasn’t there it was a wonderful sunny space to play. And one night, he bounced my mom’s bed across the floor several feet. She saw him standing in the doorway with lightening all around him. Doors opened by themselves. I saw him like a detailed black and white shadow. There was also an older woman who protected us kids from him. And I saw lights in the corners, heard things, etc.
in this house, we have seen and heard shadow people. And a guest saw someone walking up the driveway then disappear. We had a ghost that stood in the hallway and said “boo!” When people walked by. We never really heard him. You would just startle, and look around. And there was a nasty fellow. It was so cold where he was - you would hit a wall where the temp dropped 10 degrees or more. Guests would also see orbs floating down the hall.
I was touched by a ghost during a ghost hunt at a sanitarium in West Virginia.
There has been other stuff, but those are the highlights.

TheCaterpillar posted 10/15/2018 13:46 PM

When my mum and dad were first married they only had one car to share, she was a NQT straight out of uni, he was part time at uni and working in the steelworks. Dad's work at the steel factory was shifs so often mum would have to drop him off or pick him up at strange hours of the night. She was sure on more than one occassion that if she backed into the drive late at night there was a mad stood at the top of the drive with his arms folded watching her reverse.

Once when I stayed at my now in-laws I was in WH's bed (we weren't married at the time so his parents made him sleep on the floor of their un-carpeted spare room even though he'd had surgery 2 months previous*). It's an old house. The oldest parts date back to 1600s and they believe under the study there is a covered over well (which is supposedly why that one room is always freezing regardless how warm the house is if the heat's on). ANywho, I woke in the night and under the desk across the room I see two eyes. I see a little boy crouching under the bed grinning like he was trying not to giggle or was hiding. In the morning I told WH but didn't mention to his parents. I mentioned i thought I saw "something" (but not what) his dad (who is uber practical and not at all the superstitious type) immediately said "o it was that kid wasn't it, about 5 years old?" I said yes, a little boy and his mum replied "huh, a boy. We've never seen his face, he's usually running out the room when we see him". Could have been a prank. Could've been I imagined it (I watch too many horror movies!) but if it was a prank between them they did a darn good job!!

*unrelated side note, WH's parents are not married either

Brave30 posted 10/15/2018 14:25 PM

When my brother and I were teenagers we stayed overnight at my grandmother's house before leaving the next day on a vacation down south. I was laying in bed early in the morning before we left and could hear small footsteps running back and forth right beside me. I just knew it wasn't any of the adults in the house, but I opened my eyes anyway to be sure. No one was there and I could hear my grandmother and mom downstairs talking. I shrugged it off.

Maybe an hour later, my brother is the last one getting ready in the bathroom. My mom sends me upstairs to tell him to hurry up and before I can make it there, he comes charging down the stairs, pale as can be. I immediately turn around and quickly follow him, asking him if everything is okay. He says, "Oh I'm okay, but I just saw *our aunt* sitting by the attic steps."

My aunt had passed away when she and my mother were grade school children. It sent us all into tears, and I've wondered if those weren't the small foot steps I had heard that same morning.

I saw a young man, maybe around 20 or so at my first apartment. He didn't scare me, it was almost a comforting feeling. I also saw a man in my parents' basement a few years ago. I had thought it was my brother and actually called over to him before going back upstairs. Only to find out that my brother was in fact already upstairs. It freaked my dad out so bad he checked to make sure someone hadn't broken into the house. Lol!

[This message edited by Brave30 at 2:26 PM, October 15th (Monday)]

Lionne posted 10/15/2018 16:04 PM

So, don't know what I believe about the subject. But one of my experiences has stayed with me.

When I was pregnant with DS#2 I was nauseous for 9 months, gained 60+ pounds and felt like a beached whale. I'm 5' (almost) and started at 105 lbs. Sleeping was a challenge. When baby was born, I was elated, turning over in bed without using my hands. Baby was in a bassinet next to the bed, I was drifting off to sleep when someone bumped the bottom of the bed. I "looked" up, saw my dad, who had died in the beginning of that year, standing at the foot of my bed, arms crossed, smiling, and looking at the baby, said "not bad.." - just what my dad understated would have said. I laughed, he laughed and he disappeared...
I remember it vividly.

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