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Needlepoint gift for the lovebirds new house. Or whatever.

josiep posted 10/3/2018 15:09 PM

Does anyone here do needlepoint? I'd really like to buy a large framed sort of homey, cozy styled needlepoint to send to the XWS and his very religious new wife. The one who's on her 4th marriage, had other affairs and coldly dumped the last husband with nary a word about the A.

I want it to read "Thou shalt not commit adultery."

I think we could get quite a few orders if anyone knew of a way to get them mass produced. All profits could go to S.I. I don't care about the minor details, I just know I want one but I can't do anything crafty at all.

DebraVation posted 10/3/2018 15:12 PM

Just to say I absolutely love this idea!!! What a business that could turn out to be!

What about adding a little asterisk with '* whoops...too late' in the bottom corner?

latebloomer45 posted 10/3/2018 17:50 PM

Frankly, I'd be a little bit more covert...the needlepoint would have all ten commandments, but that PARTICULAR one would be way larger than all the rest.....

Skan posted 10/3/2018 17:59 PM

Hummm, I could sorta get behind this cross stitch....

Thou Shalt Not Fuck Others ... Bitch!
Thou Shalt Keep Thy Twat Closed To All Others
Here Resides a Round-Heeled Ho!

The mind boggles with the possibilities!

TheCaterpillar posted 10/3/2018 18:38 PM

I suck at needlepoint, but anyone else wondering if this could be a SI fundraiser? Do we have any good sewers who could donate some time?

I bet you can buy a premade one of standard wedding vows but add extra embellishment to 'forsaking all others'

I saw a series of Star Wars themed cross-stitches and desperately wanted the one that read "God Bless this Retched Hive of Scum and Villainy" with the Mos Eisly skyline across the bottom.

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