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She's Got a Boyfriend

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cancuncrushed posted 9/20/2018 10:35 AM

I too am enjoying the peace...WH left me 4 months ago, he relapsed, and had a girlfriend for 10 months before his exit...I didn't know of either.

He is NPD...I was afraid of an ugly D...He is so occupied with his new life, so far, that things have been quiet...I am thankful for that...

When you know its over...its the best thing to have far as the girlfriend...ITs a another Dday...combined with D, it feels different..Im doing pretty good. I can have a bad day...but they don't last.... Hoping the other shoe doesn't drop...hoping many days pass, and D will be very near if it does. Hoping he stays occupied...with girlfriend.

I hope everyone finds a new happy life...I hope our children do not have lingering effects...It has to end, before we start the rest. Replacement relationship is good. Isnt it funny to feel this way, after the insanity of first dday..

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