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Best fantasy?

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Walloped posted 3/21/2018 22:41 PM

I LOVE Clive Barker! I stood in line for 3 hours while I was about 6 months pregnant to meet him and have him sign my books! Worth every second! And he was so very nice!
Very cool. I have this love/hate relationship with horror. Too much is no good, too little is...meh. I read Books of Blood years and years ago. Liked it. Oh, and Imajica too. But Weaveworld remains my favorite of his.

I always come back to this thread - love finding new suggestions.

Adlham posted 3/21/2018 23:15 PM

Admittedly, I prefer his stuff when it's mixed with fantasy, like Weaveworld, Imajica, even The Great and Secret Show. Much more than just his straight horror.

The Thief of Always is my favorite. There was a 2-book maximum for signing and his book tour was for Sacrament, so I bought that for him to sign, but made sure I had my copy of the other for him to sign as well.

I like checking this thread, too. I get stuck in book ruts and it can be a challenge to find new authors!

I have Kindle Unlimited and that has been huge in finding new books to read! My only concern is that Amazon seems to think that horror books are good COMEDY recommendations for me! They do that with movie suggestions as well. I'm not sure what that says about me

Cephastion posted 3/22/2018 19:45 PM

Serious T/j here, but...

Aldham, Speaking of horror and comedy being married together by you in an Amazonian cyber rainforest of analytics and fantasy-related writings threads, I meant to suggest to you that you try skeet or clay shooting sometime, if you haven't already!

That whole glass breaking thing being something you both DO and also fantasize about and plan & save glass for made me think of trying the combination of literally exploding these fired clay frisbees with shotshells. It's a double-whammy treat I think you'd LOVE!

Anyway...back to your regularly scheduled "fantasies", I guess.

End T/j

Adlham posted 3/25/2018 13:16 PM


I have tried skeet shooting, though it's been a long time! I may have to look into that again! Although part of the satisfaction is the physical act of throwing it as hard as I can! I'm not sure how wise it would be to hone my poor shooting skills while I'm heading into menopause though totally kidding!

Back to books...

If you like the Cthulhu but find Lovecraft a bit boring, there are some pretty fun books that borrow from his mythos.

Peter Clines- 14 & The Fold kind of go together, though you can read them independently and not miss anything. I would suggest 14 first though. Also Paradox Bound has a 'blink and you miss it' mention, but stands alone. It's not a Travel Through Time book, it's a Travel Through History book and is really good!

Johnathan Howard- Carter & Lovecraft is another good take on the mythos. There is a second book but I haven't picked it up yet. It's next on my list though.

Notthevictem posted 3/25/2018 18:53 PM

Just read powder mage, it was pretty good. I'll be checking the rest of the series to see if it is just as good.

Adlham posted 3/25/2018 22:31 PM

NTV, you might enjoy the Hellequin series by Steve McHugh. It's a bit urban fantasy, but a lot of flashbacks over 1600 years or so and is centered around the Arthurian legends as well as bringing in a few other myths and legends, borrowing from the Egyptians, Vikings, werebeasts, etc.

Much, much less urban than The Dresden series.

ChewedMeUp posted 3/26/2018 10:19 AM

For those that need a Dresden fix, a short story collection called Brief Cases is due out this summer.

Notthevictem posted 3/26/2018 17:01 PM

Thanks adlam. I try to stay away from urban or modern fantasy. I wamt my fiction to be entirely different worlds lol.

Adlham posted 3/26/2018 17:32 PM

CMU I did know that, but short stories aren't enough! I need to know what happens next! I'm heavily vested in the characters! I need more damnit!

NTV, I wouldn't normally suggest a series to you because of that, but I think this one might work for you. There's actually very little reality, other than the time period. There's a lot of realm hopping so it's not entirely set on Earth, either. If you have prime or Kindle membership, the series is available to read for free. I like free. It's a very good price!

Plus, the juxtaposition of using magic and swords to fight whilst humming the tunes from Zelda and Mario is pretty damn funny!

Notthevictem posted 3/29/2018 18:08 PM

Just finished that powder mage trilogy. It was pretty good. I think they should rename it to 'everyone gets captured' though lol

Notthevictem posted 4/9/2018 15:13 PM

Just finished Awaken Online, and I enjoyed that.

Simplicity posted 4/9/2018 20:22 PM

I've just been getting back into reading for enjoyment again, and this thread is SO great! I'm easing back in with easier stuff, and starting with Eragon, with Lemony Snicket lined up afterwards!

Oldwounds posted 5/10/2018 17:59 PM

FYI, Raymond Feist, the author of the 30 plus Riftwar Saga (Magician, Magician Apprentice...) and sequels and prequels, etc., has started a new series with a completely new setting.

New hardcover just released May 8 and it is a bit different thus far, the title is King of Ashes. Book one of three.

Walloped posted 5/12/2018 21:19 PM

Old wounds - Thanks for the heads up!

I just finished Book 2 of Brandon Sandersonís Stromlight Archive - Words of Radiance.

Iím now starting Joe Abercrombieís Shattered a Sea trilogy (Half a War, Half the World, Half a King) as a break before I jump back to Sandersonís Oathbringer and then Arcanum Unbounded.

Oldwounds posted 5/15/2018 14:49 PM

I just finished Book 2 of Brandon Sandersonís Stromlight Archive - Words of Radiance.

I'm starting that series right after I finish Feist's King of Ashes. My first thought is he's moving toward a darker Abercrombie/GRRM vibe in response to the criticism of Riftwar being too old school traditional fantasy.

And I'm very late to the party catching up with Sanderson, but most folks tell me I'll enjoy his work.

ChewedMeUp posted 5/15/2018 15:31 PM

Read Unbounded first, before Oathbringer. Trust me! :)

Notthevictem posted 5/16/2018 07:30 AM

If unbounded is finished series, I agree. Oathbringer is just as good as way of kings but leaves you wanting the next in the series which isn't out yet. Wish he'd ditch the other side projects and just do Stormlight Archives. Its like waiting on the next grrm book... I've got like 8 series I'm waiting for the writers on---sheesh.

[This message edited by Notthevictem at 7:30 AM, May 16th (Wednesday)]

ChewedMeUp posted 5/16/2018 08:23 AM

Unbounded is the entire Cosmere, not just Stormlight. It's short stories, maps, etc. that relate to all the series that are interconnected. So it's finished, inasmuch as it's a standalone collection. But the Stormlight story Edgedancer, in particular, fits better if you read it before Oathbringer.

ETA: You should read some of Brandon's posts about his writing process. He's a machine with how fast he writes, and few of his books *don't* tie into everything else. Mistborn or Elantris may not be your cup of tea, but at the end of the 40-ish books over various series, they'll all come together. And every 3-ish years for Stormlight is way better than some authors that I've just given up on...

These are the things I repeat to myself when I start getting antsy for the next in any of his series. Sometimes it works!

[This message edited by ChewedMeUp at 8:28 AM, May 16th (Wednesday)]

Notthevictem posted 5/16/2018 09:01 AM

Welp, I'll be looking into unbounded. Mistborn and elantris were good, stormlight just left me feel like I'm a better person after I read it, like the way reading dune makes me feel like my iq went up by 10 points every time I read it and grrm's fire and ice make me feel like I just read the most entertaining thing ever.

Idk, not sure if anyone else gets those feelings. Could just be me.

ChewedMeUp posted 5/16/2018 09:43 AM

I know all about those feels - this is why my post-divorce tattoo is feruchemical symbols!

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