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Me, male, four year relationship ended late June, early July 2015. Wow, it's been over a year now, It is well and truly done, and I am glad, not that it happened this way, but to be done. No more stringing along. Done. Yay!

Best fantasy?

I have been looking for a new fantasy series. The last one I started was the new Brandon Sanderson series, the Way of Kings. It's awesome. Truly awesome. I found him, of course, because he finished up the Wheel of Time. I wasn't a huge fan of Mistborn. I guess I liked the characters, but overall, I think it may be more of a teen fantasy series, so maybe a little young reading for me.

Since there isn't even a release date for book three by Sanderson yet, I need a new series.

What are you other survivors of infidelitys favorites?

I'm leaning toward the Patrick Rothfuss series, but that only has two books.

I have liked it best when I have read a series that is already completed, so o can get the next book right away and just read the whole thing back to back!

Best two fantasy series:

Sword of Truth

Wheel of Time

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