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Best fantasy?

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Adlham posted 9/22/2017 20:30 PM

Ok NTV, just for you, I asked my husband who is not into urban fantasy.

His contributions include Gemmel, Eddings, & McCaffrey, though admittedly I think that she is a bit more YA. But that could be due to the fact that I was an only child with TV for only half the year growing up. I read waaaay above my grade level!

Notthevictem posted 9/22/2017 23:01 PM

Naw mccaffrey is ya in my opinion. Already read Gemmell and most of Eddings

Adlham posted 9/23/2017 00:42 AM

Ok, well I tried!

How about Lovecraft?

Notthevictem posted 10/20/2017 18:19 PM

Sorry adlam, lovecraft was done in hs.

Fwiw, anyone who's think about warded man/painted man 5 the core, i though it was a good ending to the series. Wasnt impressed with book 3 or 4, but i just liked the main character alot and the other characters just felt like waiting for the peter v brett to get back to the main one.

Walloped posted 10/23/2017 08:41 AM

Fwiw, anyone who's think about warded man/painted man 5 the core, i though it was a good ending to the series. Wasnt impressed with book 3 or 4, but i just liked the main character alot and the other characters just felt like waiting for the peter v brett to get back to the main one.

Spoiler Warning:

Hated that series. It should be renamed ďEverybody Gets Raped.Ē First book was good with an interesting and novel concept. After that...horrible. Strong willed, intelligent chaste girl gets gangraped, then pretty much turns into a slut and instead of using her brains, resorts to sex for everything. Author uses varied perspectives as the excuse for repetitive filler. Tried to cash in on GRRM and puts in incest and child abuse. And there was so much sex in the books it was hard to remember that they werenít written by Laurell K. Hamilton.

I put it down in the middle of Book 3 (Daylight War) and regret I read that far in.

lost_in_toronto posted 11/3/2017 19:56 PM

have you read anything by Guy Gabriel Kay? Tigana is one of my favourite books, and the Sarantine Mosaic is pretty wonderful.

I also love Neal Stephenson a lot. Speculative fiction that is closer to science fiction, but Anathem is worth the read.

strugglebus posted 11/5/2017 16:22 PM

Though it is not a series (thought that would be GREAT) my favorite new fantasy book that I have read is All the Birds in the Sky. It is a one off (so far, it came out this past year I think) and it's fantasy/sci fi - magic and science. I loved it intensely. Check it out.

Hope2B posted 12/17/2017 14:18 PM

While I've read so many wonderful books listed here, I'm also excited to find some *new reads* to get! Thanks!

lostinoklahoma posted 12/18/2017 16:23 PM

I thought The Death Gate Cycle by Weis/Hickman was a good read

EvolvingSoul posted 1/5/2018 19:46 PM

Hey you all,

Alright as I stumbled into the "Books" forum, I'll throw down here.

The Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman (starting with Black Sun Rising) is one of my faves. Compelling characters dealing with redemption and moral ambiguity in an intriguing world, particularly with regard to its basis for magic and faith and how they play upon each other.

Her more recent series that starts with "Feast of Souls" was good but Coldfire will always be my favorite. She has a few other more sci-fi oriented books ("The Wilding" I think is one) and a young adult fantasy series that I think is called The Dreamwalker series which I enjoyed but they still did not get its hooks in me like Coldfire which I've read three times over the years.

Someone also mentioned the Robin Hobb books set in the world first established in "The Assassin's Apprentice" and those are some of my favorites. The entire series involves the Farseer Trilogy, The Liveship series, the Tawny Man series, the Dragonkeeper series and the Fitz and the Fool Series. They are worth reading in order I think as there is a lot of crossover that is hard to appreciate if you read them out of order. Her Soldier Son series was not really appealing to me. Solid writing but I just could not connect to the characters or the world. I read them all but would not read them again. The Farseer Trilogy I've read 3 times and the Tawny Man series I've read 4-5 times. In fact I'm reading it again right now. The Fitz and the Fool series ties them all up nicely.

Finally, I'm guessing most folks here have already devoured Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenophobia, etc. but if not those are the books that helped me branch out to Scifi from just straight magic based fantasy.


[This message edited by EvolvingSoul at 8:58 PM, January 10th (Wednesday)]

Notthevictem posted 1/17/2018 20:16 PM

I really liked speaker for the dead.

moralhighground posted 1/18/2018 16:11 PM

If you do YA, I love love love Diana Wynne Jones.

My favourite is Howlís Moving Castle but the sequels (Ingary series) are only partially tied to the first book, which is the best one.

The Chrestomanci series is really great though, funny and cute but not too saccharine, you can start with Charmed Life which was written first, or The Lives of Christopher Chant which is a prequel. There are like 7 books in that ďuniverseĒ but they arenít necessarily chronological which doesnít matter particularly much when you read them. If Narnia met Stardust I think their baby would look like this.

I also really like the Abhorsen books, by Garth Nix. Theyíre sort of along the lines of Mistborn as far as what audience they would appeal to (not at all plot wise) but the story comes together a lot better, in my opinion. I canít find ANYONE who read them before my recommendation so Iím always excited to share them, haha.

nscale56 posted 1/27/2018 12:03 PM

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Read every one. Waiting for the next one but he seems to be dragging his feet.
Also The Aeronauts Windlass (The Cinder Spire series first book) by the same author.

Walloped posted 1/30/2018 12:56 PM

NTV - Iím in the middle of the Powder Mage trilogy by Brian McClellan and am have a real good time with it. First book is called Promise of Blood.

Give it a shot.

Oh, and for anyone who hasnít read Robin Hobb, Iím going to echo EvolvingSoul - sheís just plain awesome.

Notthevictem posted 1/30/2018 18:28 PM

Thanks walloped, will check it out. Just discovered pillars of eternity, so I've been doing that for the last week or so.

Adlham posted 3/11/2018 21:58 PM

Speaker For the Dead was life-altering for me as I was first starting to out my mom's husband for my CSA. I read it at a time where the idea of exposing the deceased as being human rather than trying to elevate them to an unrealistic status meant everything to me. Had Card started a religion based on it, I would have been first in line!


During my sabatical, I discovered a few more urban fantasy authors I've really enjoyed!

Scott Sigler- Nocturnal
James R. Tuck- Deacon Chalk series
Larry Correia- Monster Hunter series & Tom Stranger
Stephen Leather- Jack Nightingale series
Jeremy Robinson- Jack Sigler series

And damnit! I need a new Harry Dresden book!

nscale56 posted 3/12/2018 17:19 PM

I know. I finished the entire series over summer a couple of years ago. I keep seeing that the new one "Peace Talks" #16 Is due out soon. I also wish they would make a Dresden Files movie. The series was okay.

Walloped posted 3/21/2018 22:08 PM

I actually like the Dresden TV show and was sad they canceled it. I agree - itís been way too long to go without a new Dresden book.

Just started The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I was hesitant to start cause George RR Martin syndrome, but I trust Sanderson. That man just churns them out. I love everything heís written.

Trying to think of other great books...

Not classic fantasy, but Stephen King and Peter Straubís The Talisman is a favorite of mine.

Iíll add Clive Barkerís Weaveworld to the list too.

Adlham posted 3/21/2018 22:21 PM

I enjoyed the tv show as well! I wish there had been more!

I've binge-read the series and the short stories more times than I can count!

The books just get better and better as the series progresses. Apparently, Jim Butcher has started working on Peace Talks, but no release date yet

Walloped, I LOVE Clive Barker! I stood in line for 3 hours while I was about 6 months pregnant to meet him and have him sign my books! Worth every second! And he was so very nice!

Adlham posted 3/21/2018 22:21 PM

Argh! Stupid double post!

[This message edited by Adlham at 11:06 PM, March 21st (Wednesday)]

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