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Best fantasy?

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Notthevictem posted 5/16/2018 09:53 AM

Lol, hope you got free signed books for life with a tat like that

Walloped posted 5/18/2018 18:34 PM

Chewed / NTV - Thanks for the heads up on Unbounded before Oathbringer. Iíve read almost everything of Sandersonís except Reckoners and Alcatraz and the Librarians.

Actually, I havenít read two books; Emperorís Soul (Elantris world) and Bands of Mourning (Mistborn) yet. Okay to read Unbounded anyway or read those first?

NTV - What're those 8 series youíre waiting on, man? Share!

Oh, and I agree about reading books like Dune and Stormlight. There are different kinds of art in the world. Some are master artists. Honestly, I canít even imagine what his office must look like. The charts, and character trees, maps. Awesome.

Notthevictem posted 5/21/2018 00:01 AM

So, waiting on...

Next fire and ice book by grrm
Next Stormlight Archives book by sanderson
Kingkiller - patrick rothfuss
The land
Awaken online
Ascend online

Two others that kinda fall in the erotic literature subset of fantasy/scifi.

Adlham posted 5/21/2018 13:45 PM

I've got like 8 series I'm waiting for the writers on---sheesh

Fucking right? Grrrr!

One series I did finish was terribly unsatisfactory. Who ends a series with major plot teases left unanswered?!? Sure, yeah, ok, he's doing a spin off series and maybe the answers will crop up there, but then again, it's a completely different protagonist so if I don't get some answers by October when the 3rd book comes out, I'm going to break something!

I just started a new book, though, and I'm really enjoying it- The Elven by Bernhard Hennen. Strictly fantasy so you might like it too, NTV.

I can also relate to the feeling that reading Dune raises IQ points! And is it just me, or did anyone else feel compelled to take notes whilst reading Tolkien's Silmarillion? It was the only way I could keep track of all the names haha!

Walloped posted 5/22/2018 15:17 PM

GRRM and Rothfuss are killing me. I first read GoT in the summer of 2000. And itís been like 6 years for Rothfuss.


Iíd add Scott Lynch to your list for his Gentlemen Bastards series.

Oldwounds posted 5/23/2018 14:57 PM

For those readers who have already jumped into the Brandon Sanderson-verse, what's the best place to start?

And is it just me, or did anyone else feel compelled to take notes whilst reading Tolkien's Silmarillion?

Not just you. And once sticky notes made it into the process to mark key passages, I can barely close my ancient copy of the Silmarillion.

Walloped posted 5/24/2018 09:32 AM

Sanderson has a question like this on his webpage.

My thoughts would be:
Mistborn trilogy
Way of Kings / Words of Radiance (Stormlight Archive - books #1 and #2)
Warbreaker (a little more lighthearted but a good read)
Alloy of Law (Mistborn universe - takes place after the original trilogy)
Arcanum Unbounded (short story collection - spoilers if you havenít read the other books first)
Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive #3)
Bands of Mourning (Mistborn universe)

My $0.02.

Pass posted 5/29/2018 00:03 AM

I love y'all. Ever since I wiped out everything Terry Pratchett wrote, I've had a hard time finding something new. My niece - a literature major - recommended me some "sophisticated" stuff, but I absolutely hated it.

My favourite author so far is Guy Gavriel Kay. He helped Tolkien's son compile and write some of his stuff, then went off on his own. His first trilogy was over the top with every bit of fantasy that could be crammed into the story being shoehorned in - but in such a way that it didn't seem over the top! Since then, most of his stuff is more restrained - more like historical fiction, with a small bit of fantasy sprinkled in. Seriously, you need to read this dude. His over-the-top trilogy (The Fionavar Tapestry) is still one of my favourite series of all time.

I'll second the recommendation for Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series: Very fun urban fantasy.

Now I need to try all this stuff y'all have recommended!

Adlham posted 5/29/2018 00:19 AM

Oldwounds, I actually had a separate notebook with lots of cross-referencing! Thank you so much for making me feel less nerdy!

Pass, I've recently been pondering the Iron Druid series, so good to hear recommendations!

I've gotten into The Nightside series by Simon Green. Urban fantasy, it's fairly good so far although he gets a little repetitive and tedious, at times.

I'm trying to decide on Nightwise by R.S. Belcher. Apparently it's the more adult version of Dresden. But I'm not sure yet.

Walloped posted 5/30/2018 07:10 AM

Pass - I read Tigana (sp?) by Guy Gavriel Kay a while ago. Heís a really really good writer. He just flows. Beautiful writing. The story was a good one but a little bit too romantic-y for me, which put me off from his other books.

Adlham - If you like urban fantasy, Tad Williams has a series out there called The Bobby Dollar series about an angel who works for Heaven but on earth. Yes, the same Tad Williams who wrote the Otherland series and Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn series. I read the first book (The Dirty Streets of Heaven) and it was pretty good.

ChewedMeUp posted 5/30/2018 09:53 AM

Re: Sanderson. All of these series are interconnected (the Cosmere, covering ~40 books when complete), but all also stand mostly on their own, if you donít care about the interconnectedness. But it does make for cool easter egg things, and there will eventually be overall Cosmere stories.

I somewhat agree with Walloped, but I tend to recommend the original Mistborn trilogy (Era 1) first. After a few stops and starts with friends and kids, with Elantris and/or Warbreaker, they found Mistborn a much easier, more digestible read. To me, theyíre the most compelling/easy to read initially, as theyíre just this side of YA. Then Elantris and Warbreaker.

Emperorís Soul (set on the Elantris world, in Unbounded) is a cool story, and while itís Cosmere-related, it doesnít directly tie to much else, so it kind of fits in wherever.

After that, Iíd tackle the Mistborn Era 2 quartet Ė Alloy, Shadows of Self, Bands of Mourning (Fourth Book Coming Next Year). THEN read Secret History (in Unbounded). Truly, Secret History is amazeballs, but needs to come after at least this much, though some of it makes even more sense if you read it after Stormlight.

And then get into Stormlight, but as I mentioned above, I definitely recommend at least Edgedancer (from Unbounded) between Words and Oathbringer. And Warbreaker should come before Stormlight.

And then thereís the 17th Shard/Coppermind, which is the Cosmere wiki, which will blow your mind with spoilers and hints. So I recommend using it with extreme caution until after youíve read everything. Thereís also the original unpublished White Sands which I love (and is now being published with alterations as a graphic novel series), and Aether of Night, which was mostly cannibalized into other story bits, but the locale and magic will be retained for a later book. There's also a ton of his notes/annotations on his website, about many of the books, but there's nothing necessary there.

ETA: Sorry not sorry, but I'm a bit of a Sanderson fangirl, if it wasn't obvious.

[This message edited by ChewedMeUp at 10:00 AM, May 30th (Wednesday)]

Notthevictem posted 6/7/2018 21:07 PM

Sorry not sorry, but I'm a bit of a Sanderson fangirl, if it wasn't obvious

Fanboy myself, so its all good! I'd send him a six pack if i didnt already pay for the books lol.

ChewedMeUp posted 6/8/2018 08:27 AM

Me and the SO agreed when Oathbringer came out - he bought the hardcover, I bought the ebook, and we'd share both. And still ended up using an audible credit for that version too! We might have a problem...

Notthevictem posted 6/8/2018 09:30 AM

Not to me lol. Its good you can share that with your so.

[This message edited by Notthevictem at 8:34 AM, June 9th (Saturday)]

Adlham posted 6/11/2018 17:40 PM

Thanks, walloped! I will look into it!

I just started the Nate Temple series by Shayne Silvers. It's not bad.

I think my problem is that I really love Dresden and everyone else kinda pales in comparison.

Notthevictem posted 6/26/2018 13:54 PM

Has anyone else read the critical failures series?

Tred posted 6/26/2018 13:59 PM

Just got King of Ashes by Feist in hardback. Haven't started it yet, but I've yet to not like a book from him. Now I just need some spare time...

Oldwounds posted 6/26/2018 14:18 PM

Just got King of Ashes by Feist in hardback. Haven't started it yet, but I've yet to not like a book from him.

Me too, I loved most of his Midkemia stuff.

This definitely has a different vibe to it. Not too bad so far.

NTV- I haven't read that yet, and actually hadn't heard anything bad about it either. However, I'm just starting into Sanderson's giant pile of books, so I'll be catching up for a while yet.

Adlham posted 6/28/2018 23:10 PM

It saddens me to report that Harlan Ellison has passed away at the age of 84.

"Repent, Harlequin!" Said the Ticktockman.

Notthevictem posted 8/26/2018 11:03 AM

Oldwounds, critical failures, i thought to be full of distinctly gutter humor. I'm talking the lowest category of humor possible. If you're afraid of potty mouths, its not for you. But it is perfect for me.It's also written with the assumption that readers will be familiar with either fantasy genre or d&d. If you've played and enjoyed d&d you'll probably love it.

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