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The Walking Dead

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lieshurt posted 4/6/2016 06:54 AM

We know it wasn't Rick or Carl who got lucilled because Negan said something like, "If anyone moves, cut out the kid's eye and feed it to his father".

Actually, I think it's possible for him to still take out Carl after saying this. Nothing says Carl has to be alive to cut his eye out. Or, it's just wishful thinking since I can't stand Carl.

FinallyHappy posted 4/6/2016 07:20 AM

Too true!

I used to dislike him immensely. The little brat boy.

For the past couple of seasons, I kinda like him. He's now loyal to his 'clan' and had to grow up fast.

Now, if it's Mishonne, I'll come undone.

Edited to change a 'p' to a 'n'.

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lieshurt posted 4/6/2016 07:23 AM

Now, if it's Mishonne, I'll come updone.

The articles I read yesterday all said it was Mishonne.

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FinallyHappy posted 4/6/2016 07:25 AM


Are you serious??

lieshurt posted 4/6/2016 07:54 AM

Yes, but I thought the logic they used to assume this was a bit off.

From what I understand though, the actors don't even know who it is yet. They did that so that none of them could let it slip.

6 months....oy......They are just killing me.

Pentup posted 4/6/2016 11:28 AM

I also went to the web to see and I was reading Abraham. I could see that because he makes it pretty obvious he won't be controlled.

By October I won't even remember or care....

Rebreather posted 4/6/2016 14:00 PM

I have loved this show, but the one thing I really loved the most was I never really felt manipulated by them. People died. Important people and it hurt. But they didn't make bullshit, manipulative moves. I feel that has been lost this season, especially with this bullshit cliffhanger.

Pentup posted 4/6/2016 16:31 PM

They absolutely could have shown who he hit and then cut. It would have gotten rid of the who but could have left it that you didn't know if they were dead or how the others would react,

Maybe it's all a dream....

FinallyHappy posted 4/7/2016 05:35 AM

Well, you know, it's their art.

I rather like that the show doesn't cater to the least common denominator. (viewers?)

We can be as butt-hurt as we want to about how the season ended, but there's a choice. Either watch what happens, or don't.

Now, am I looking forward to a season maybe dominated by this asshole 'Negan'? NO. No more than I enjoyed the governor crap (which was not at all).

My favorite episodes are those in which the major characters are all together, building something. :)

That's not realistic, though.

I will watch until TWD is done and gone, like it or not.

lieshurt posted 4/7/2016 07:36 AM

No more than I enjoyed the governor crap (which was not at all).

I hated that season simply because of Andrea. Her character irritated me to no end and I was so glad when you died.

Newlease posted 4/7/2016 16:32 PM

I have to say I was very pissed - all that tension and no payoff. I cursed - loudly - for about 3 minutes. SO finally told me to calm down.

Here's my theory - whenever they kill off a character, they usually give them a period of growth just prior. So . . . Eugene has really come into his own, stepped up, had a moment with Abraham - it would follow formula for them to kill him off. Or, Abraham. He just basically asked Sasha to have a baby with him - that's very hopeful, especially for those two, so to kill him would be a blow.

OTOH, it would be a bigger shock to kill off one of the original characters. I agree that Rick and Carl are safe. Carol is out having an adventure with Morgan. But it could be Glenn, which would make me mad because they have been toying with his life and US all season. Or Daryl - that would be maximum impact and would test the theory that "If Daryl dies, we riot!"

FWD is a poor substitute they are throwing at us to keep us on the hook until October. I haven't been able to care about the characters so far - mostly they just piss me off.


WearingTheHorns posted 4/8/2016 12:43 PM

I kind of wonder if it'll be Glen. Would kind of be the "Spock dies" in Star Trek II way of going about it if they did though. "We killed Spock in the first two minutes! Psych! He's alive! Guess what? Now we really are killing him in the last 30 minutes!" I'd hate to see Glen go, especially after them toying with us at the dumpster. A thought I had though is, suppose that it is Glen. Then they decide to double whammy us with Maggie dying from whatever's wrong with her? It would suck, but aren't they really the glimmer of hope for tomorrow on the show? And don't they always crush that glimmer?

I don't really feel it'll be anyone outside the original core group. If it's Eugene, who's really going to care? Same with Abraham, Rosita, Aaron, and to a lesser degree Sasha. It's had such a big build up, and using it to end the season, I really feel it has to be one of the core members. A part of me kind of feels it'll be Daryl, but I don't know if they'll go that far.

lieshurt posted 4/11/2016 08:37 AM

Anybody watch Fear the Walking Dead last night?

Pentup posted 4/11/2016 09:00 AM

I did although I was flipping channels. Can't say I was impressed but I might have missed something...

lieshurt posted 4/11/2016 09:04 AM

It was better than I expected. I still wanted to smack the teenage girl. She is so irritating.

undertherug posted 5/2/2016 23:27 PM

Hope they don't kill off Daryl. He's my favorite. Makes sense it may be Mishonne, but I hope not. Poor Rick, seems every woman he is involved with winds up dying. First his wife, then the blond woman he met in Alexandria (can't remember her name), and now possibly Mishonne. Getting involved with Rick may not be a healthy choice.

gonnabe2016 posted 5/3/2016 21:12 PM

I think Rick met the business end of Lucille.

A friend told me "no way" because he's still plays a part in the rest of the graphic which I replied "ok, if not Rick, then Carl because it would complete mess Rick up to watch Carl get beaten dead."

I watched the Talking Dead afterwards and some "bigwig" was on (creator/writer/execproducer(?)). He said, more than once, that the finale was the closing of one story and the beginning of another.

I don't see that any of the other characters are significant enough to cause the seismic shift that guy alluded to.

The entire internet seems to believe it's Glenn. But after the multiple "oh, no, not Glenn!" moments that happened this season it would almost be a relief for him to finally eat it.

yearsofpain25 posted 10/20/2016 19:03 PM

Anyone else dreading the demise of one of our favorite characters on Sun?

Rebreather posted 10/20/2016 19:06 PM

I'm not dreading it. I'm ready. I think it will be Glen. It'll be a time they have to be true to the novels. I don't see how else Maggie goes to run Hilltop.

yearsofpain25 posted 10/20/2016 19:14 PM

Totally agree rebreather. Also heard another theory that it's more than one character.

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