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The Walking Dead

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MangledHeart posted 2/8/2015 16:14 PM

The Walking Dead starts back up tonight. Anybody else watching? The previous episode, "Coda", comes on an hour prior if you want a recap.

Deeply Scared posted 2/8/2015 16:40 PM

Awesome!!!! We've been waiting for tonight!!!

Love the thread banner

nowiknow23 posted 2/8/2015 16:51 PM

That banner makes me want to catch up and start watching it again! I'm only three and a half seasons behind at this point.

MovingUpward posted 2/8/2015 16:53 PM

How does he have time for all these banners.

Deeply Scared posted 2/8/2015 17:13 PM

I'm not sure...AND he grilled steak and shrimp today too!

MangledHeart posted 2/8/2015 17:13 PM

How does he have time for all these banners.

I don't! Actually I did that several weeks ago and had it all ready to go. I've got another one for "Better Call Saul" to roll out as well.

I've got big plans for Game of Thrones! Much more than a banner if I get the time.

zebra25 posted 2/8/2015 17:58 PM

I'm ready for Better Call Saul!

Deeply Scared posted 2/8/2015 18:05 PM


It's a two night premier...tonight and tomorrow night too!!

zebra25 posted 2/8/2015 18:07 PM

The dvr is set and we are ready.

Deeply Scared posted 2/8/2015 18:12 PM

Site tight...I new thread is on its way

WalkinOnEggshelz posted 2/8/2015 18:29 PM

Super excited about Walking Dead tonight.

And then I read this and Im even more excited!

I've got big plans for Game of Thrones! Much more than a banner if I get the time.

My two all time favorite shows!!!!!

MangledHeart posted 2/8/2015 22:17 PM

Good episode! I hate losing good characters though. I'm looking forward to seeing DC post apocalypse.

HFSSC posted 2/8/2015 22:39 PM

I don't watch this but ds16 is grieving. He was running back and forth from TV to computer so he could chat with his friends and I heard him howling as if someone had killed his puppy or something.

Sad in AZ posted 2/9/2015 01:29 AM

I love horror, but I hate zombies. Bleh.

DrJekyll posted 2/9/2015 12:40 PM

That is our weekly date night. Sitting watching TWD. All I can say is. He was my favorite character. I will miss him.

lieshurt posted 2/9/2015 13:32 PM

My favorite series EVER! My son laughs at me while I yell at the characters on the tv. I was also sad about the loss of a favorite character.

20WrongsVs1 posted 2/9/2015 14:08 PM

Banner? Apparently I'm missing something on SImplicity (which is so worth the $ to upgrade!) and need to log out occasionally. Or get banned for 24 hours again.

ETA: Ooh, very nice! And no logging out (or flagrant guidelines violations) needed to see it.

[This message edited by 20WrongsVs1 at 2:16 PM, February 9th, 2015 (Monday)]

ISPIFFD posted 2/10/2015 08:21 AM

Loved the episode, but found myself thinking "gee, it's getting really crowded in that bedroom..."

Also don't understand why Tyrese was looking at those photos for so long, so intently. It seemed like something about them was bothering him, but I don't know what. I saw some posts on fb about an "evil twin" but still don't quite get what he found so fascinating about the pictures.

Thought it was cool that Andrew Lincoln did the BBC radio announcements in the car-ride flashbacks. What a nice voice (to go with a nice-looking guy)!

Deeply Scared posted 2/16/2015 07:05 AM

Another great episode. They were so exhausted...I was too just watching them!

And I loved Rick's pep talk

Rebreather posted 2/17/2015 16:40 PM

WE are the Walking Dead.

My son looked over at me with big eyes and goes, "they NEVER say that!"

Been a great start to the spring season.

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