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How can I stop this tears

Topic is Sleeping.

UKgirl ( member #17062) posted at 2:51 PM on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

Wilted – No, no, no. This is not about them, this is about you now. Wishing physical punishment or fantasizing about revenge is pointless and a waste of emotional energy that you should be spending on yourself and your own well being. Concentrate on you. Be kind to yourself, look after yourself and every day try to find a moment, just a moment, of peace.

Right, onto things that matter - see a lawyer and find out where you stand in the country and state you are living in. There have been others here who have struggled with polygamous marriages – not knowing the husband had another (legal) wife and family in another country and the difficulties they found themselves in as a result. Gather all financial information you can lay your hands on, copy it all and GET THEE TO A LAWYER PDQ. I assume that the States has the same law as the UK regarding marriage to get a visa – it’s illegal, it’s fraud. And you can get a HUGE fine and/or imprisonment. I suspect your husband could also be deported. So – again, lawyer up.

Your situation sounds as if it's more complicated than you have outlined so far.

I’m not trying to lessen your feelings or how devastated you feel right now, but I do think it is important that you find out exactly where you stand and do whatever you need or are advised to do to protect yourself. Your legal position is not as straightforward as the majority here, which can be stressful enough.

Hugs - UKg

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Topic is Sleeping.
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