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Raunchy text messages


 Lionne (original poster Member #25560) posted at 2:01 AM on Thursday, September 9th, 2021

My SAfWh is getting really obnoxious spam text messages. I get spam, but far less and NEVER porn related. Is his previous use of porn on his phone browser the reason for this, or is it just a random thing?

My SAfWH is a very unsavvy tech user. He frequently answers calls that he doesn't recognize. He often clicks on web links that are clearly clickbait. I don't think he has clicked on links sent by text but I wouldn't be surprised if he had. He says he doesn't even see these raunchy texts, he's awful about keeping up with text threads and/or voice-mail, so I believe that is true.

We are using the Verizon messaging app on android phones. It doesn't allow an easy way to block specific phone numbers on the app although it appears easier to do that with phone calls.

I'm assuming he's not currently porn hopping.
Is there a good way to stop them from coming? And more concerning, is there a skanky reason he's getting them?

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Mel61 ( Member #43697) posted at 5:45 AM on Thursday, September 9th, 2021

I have been getting text of that nature for months some are a individual text others are group text format. I just block the number and delete.I have never viewed porn on my phone. I believe it is just fishing for takers. When ever I need tech type help with my phone I go to Best Buy and ask their phone techs. Here they seem to be willing to help with issues.

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Bigger ( Guide #8354) posted at 9:53 AM on Thursday, September 9th, 2021

I guess it could be a combination of past browser usage and bad algorithms.
I don’t look up or got to porn sites. But any engine trying to evaluate my profile based on web-page visits would probably (and correctly) classify me as a middle aged male. I look at news sites, sports sites, DIY sites, fishing sites, tool and parts sites for my SUV… basically ticking all the boxes that a search engine might use to define me as "male". Then they use some algorithms to determine that XX% of those that use Y or more of those types of sites also use porn and therefore I use porn.
That’s why I still occasionally get adverts that really aren’t appropriate. It’s like the old marketing ploy of grouping cheese, wine, and grapes close to each other at the market; an assumption that if you get cheese and grapes you will also want wine. Even here on SI I have gotten a banner offering me my choice of Russian brides (not recently).

Plus clicking on random links, falling for click-bait and all that really doesn’t help…

The worst/most obscene offers I have been getting tend to be chats on Messenger. Usually a woman says she wants to chat and if I open the chat window it’s an offer to click to see her pictures. Sad/bad thing is that the best response (delete the request directly) isn’t really that obvious. However – since I started doing that the request frequency has dropped from maybe 1-2 a week to every second month or so.

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 Lionne (original poster Member #25560) posted at 1:08 PM on Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Thanks. All that makes sense...

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