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I am a terrible wife and my AP is crazy

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forgettableDad posted 3/23/2021 10:16 AM

You need to file a complaint with the police and get an AVO or restraining order or whatever it's called where you live.

Buck posted 3/23/2021 13:56 PM

Just a little update. I'll give you later a more detailed update on what has beed going on on the last few days with my husband.
My former AP is continuing to chase me. I talked to my husband about both the letter a few days ago and his most recent attempt to contact me by email. My lawyer sent him a formal letter last week asking him to stop any contact.

Yesterday while I was in the parking lot after work who did I find waiting for me? Yes, my AP. I immediately told him to leave me alone and that I had no intention of talking to him.
He grabbed my arm and started (raising his voice) saying that he loves me and will never give up. He also said he did everything he did to make sure my husband couldn't forgive me.
Eventually I managed to escape (he hurt my arm a little) by getting into my car and driving away.

He was very angry/aggressive.
I am worried about my my husband's safety.

madeamistake, your posts seem very cold and detached. They are completely devoid of any emotion or feelings. You recount a stalking\assault incident as if you're reciting a grocery list out loud to yourself. Most women would be a bit rattled if a man grabbed them by the arm in and refused to let go, requiring you to struggle to be freed. Especially if he was raising his voice or yelling while manhandling you. Yet you never mention being afraid, regret, or even shock that your AP was there in the first place. Why is that?

Did you call the police? Was a report filed? And, I haven't seen this question asked, is your AP married or in a relationship?

MrCleanSlate posted 3/23/2021 16:01 PM


Not sure which part of Europe you are in, but you should consider at least contact the police to let them know what happened.

And also be sure to tell your husband about this incident.

Best to be aware of your surroundings as he may be hanging about at your usual places waiting for you.

Lostsoul23 posted 4/11/2021 02:20 AM

WS only

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