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post-divorce loose ends?

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twinkie posted 2/12/2021 11:31 AM

Have a credit report ran!! You never know how sneaky a cheating spouse can be.

barcher144 posted 2/12/2021 11:40 AM

Did you sign any HIPAA privacy forms that allow your healthcare providers to release info to her?

A good suggestion, but no...

Have a credit report ran!! You never know how sneaky a cheating spouse can be.

Absolutely a great idea.

I found one issue on my credit report, but it was nothing intentionally nefarious. I was listed as a secondary user on one of her credit cards (we opened this card 8-10 years ago), so that it appeared on my credit report. It was adversely affecting my credit rating because she was carrying a very large balance on it.

prissy4lyfe posted 2/12/2021 12:31 PM

Change your will.

Record your wishes and send that video to one trusted legal family member.

If you have to keep up a life insurance policy...set up a trust and chose someone u trust to manage it. Clear stipulations around the money. $1000 a month may be released for educational expenses. $15000 can be released for purchase of first ticket to the moon, etc.

Make sure your email is listed on all school information so that it can be directly to you. Email all teachers asking for separate conferences and updates. Include a copy of your CO. Make sure the school has it too

Make a list of important people (5-6) and have a conversation with this regarding your wishes. Say nothing about ex or her behavior. Simply...now that I am divorced I need you to know that at my funeral I want butterscotch waffles, etc. If I am unable to communicate for then put me in a clown costume, etc. Be clear and specific.

Do this every 6 months.

You do not want a judge/hospital adminstrator siding with her on your wishes if you are unable to communicate simply because she has the kids or due to your long history.


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