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Love and Marriage Huntsville

Not sure if anyone watches this show but the gist is that the two central characters were married and have 4 children. He had a 5 year affair that resulted in his mistress having a child. The wife (Mel) learned of the affair and tried to make it work. He continued and the child was concieved so she left. He (Martell) and his mistress have gone on a campaign to tear Mel apart. The mistress has done interviews and numerous lives disparaging the wife. He has stalked her on dates, shown up at her home, etc. It got to a point where she sought a restraining order and modified the custody order so that he cannot contact her and exchanges can only happen at school. This week’s drama was that he scheduled a book signing on her weekend and she refused to bring the children because it was her time. Now...she has celebrated every holiday this year without her children because it happened to fall on his time. He and his supporters ranted that it was "about the kids" and she needs to grow up and be civil.
I posting because I am working on "unfairness" in therapy. The unfairness of it all and the entitlement of WS. Several posters lately have returned after finding out their WS has returned to their cheating ways. The entitlement of this people to expect civility, niceness, communication, pets on the head AFTER KNOWLINGLY destroying their spouse AGAIN makes me want to SPIT FIRE. And I wonder how can people accept this as normal? Then I look at TV and see that it’s playing out and I shake my head at the cruelty that can be displayed. Why, after ALL they do, they expect kindness from their victim ?

6 comments posted: Friday, April 15th, 2022

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