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The selfishness never ends.

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3rdstrike posted 1/28/2021 15:43 PM

Thank you for you perspective. I am sure my kids will figure it out but I hope my wife never gives them another reason to. I truly hope that she can pull her head out of her own self pity and selfishness and be able to guide them away from her fatal flaws. She failed miserably as a wife but I want to see her succeed and flourish as a mom. I won't be so disgusted with her if she can do that right.

Marz posted 1/29/2021 14:44 PM

Regardless of what she said, she just f-ed up the united front that we were supposed to be at the beginning.

I hope Iím wrong here but itís not good keeping kids in the dark. They arenít stupid and need one honest parent they can trust.

A friend of mine did this. Stood up and let his wife lie to,the kids. She introduced them to the OM a day or two later.

Heís still kicked himself for lying to his kids.

It can be as simple as mommy has a boyfriend so we canít be married anymore.

3rdstrike posted 1/30/2021 20:54 PM

The quote you highlighted was the
whole point of my post. She went behind my back and told the kids without me being there.
Regardless of ANYTHING else, she went behind my back. That was my frustration.
My kids are 13 and 17 so no, they aren't dumb. I told them an appropriate amount of truth. They get it, they understand.

Marz posted 1/31/2021 03:35 AM

Excellent. Itís all you can do.

You just have to understand this is who she is.

3 affairs that you know of = serial cheater.

Youíd be wise to cut of contact except text or email kids/D only.
I think youíll find this will help and free you immensely.

[This message edited by Marz at 3:39 AM, January 31st (Sunday)]

3rdstrike posted 1/31/2021 12:00 PM

Thanks but I'm way passed the need to do the heavy duty 180. My detachment is solid as a rock, my resolve unwavering. I know who she is, she's shown me enough times. Like I said before, the post was just to vent.
I can still be kind to a point. I know who I am.

Marz posted 2/1/2021 06:47 AM

Good, you sound strong.

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