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Me 49 BH Her 48 WW Married 26 yrs 2 teen daughters 2 EA's 1 EA turned PA lasted one year. DDay 18 May 2018, Filed Jan 2020 She thinks time, rug sweeping and being nice will make it go away.

The selfishness never ends.

I still read the threads almost daily to keep me focused and my reasoning fresh. But it's been a long time since I've posted and it's definitely time to vent again.

Since I deleted my story Ill give a quick recap. 2008 she had a year or two long emotional affair. 2012 she had another emotional affair with a different dude. 2017 a new EA turned PA that lasted a year. I did the "pick me" monkey dance for a year, she ate it up and abused the shit out of my soul the whole time. At about 18 months I pulled my head out of my ass (shi##y place to be stuck for so long) and told her I was done. She immediately started the monkey dance and thought love bombing and rug sweeping would be effective at getting me back. Nnnnope! Eventually I got a lawyer and filed a divorce complaint in Jan 2020. We were supposed to start the one year separation directly after filing but COVID came and f**ked it all up. May 2020 I told my WW that we were going to make a plan and finally tell the kids. Well, that plan went to shit because the MIL had a heart attack and ended up having to rehab while living with us.

(Side note: WW and I are amicable. I've felt happy joyous and free ever since I filed. My resolve is Veeeery strong and we're stuck in the house so I see no need to ignore her and give her the total 180.)

Here we are in Jan 2021, at the one year mark, now the D stuff can really start moving forward.

On Monday I told my WW that we are telling the kids this weekend. Period. Not negotiable. Friday night she was a blubbering mess as we discussed what was going to happen and how we would tell our DD's. She alligator teared herself until 2 a.m. Saturday morning WW came running down stairs because MIL is in the hospital again with 100% blockage again.

I love my MIL but...Son-of-a-soggy-buscuit!

WW and I talked and I (Being a kind hearted human with a sense of morals and compassion) told her we can hold off until we find out more about MIL. I still laid out the ground rules and we discussed a decent dialogue that we could use to keep us focused.

The day's events aren't important...but what happened after I went to bed is f-ing ridiculous. I really shouldnt have been surprised at all. About 30 minutes after I got to bed and was reading my book, my WW came upstairs to tell me that she just notified the girls about our situation and thought it would be good if I came down to help. SHE TOLD THE F-ING KIDS WITHOUT ME!

I'm just going to drop this here for now. I'd like to hear some opinions.

3rd Strike

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