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Dominican Republic

fooled13years posted 11/19/2020 10:52 AM

Our family will be hosting a family from the Dominican Republic for Thanksgiving dinner.

They have been here in the States for the last 8 weeks and while we will be having, what we consider, a traditional American dinner can anyone tell me what the traditions are in the DR?

Is there any special food we can have available to help them feel welcomed even more than they are?

We do not speak Spanish and the father and mother do not speak English but for some reason we just seem to understand, to a degree, what the other is talking about.

WhatsRight posted 11/19/2020 11:05 AM

My very good friend has a friend who is from the Dominican Republic. I have texted her and ask if she would ask him what type of foods might be good for your guests.

Ill get back with you as soon as she gets back with me.

Hope I can help.

fooled13years posted 11/19/2020 13:31 PM

Thank you. I look forward to what the friend has to say.

WhatsRight posted 11/19/2020 14:19 PM

Here it is...

Options I'm thinking...rice, grilled or roasted veges, beans, tossed salad, some meat, Mexican bread with butter, chips and salsa, drinks

Love that man.

Im pretty sure that last part was sent toward you all, for making an effort to make your guest feel more at home!


fooled13years posted 11/19/2020 14:26 PM

Thank you. That is very helpful.

WhatsRight posted 11/19/2020 14:28 PM


My pleasure!

Yall have a great Thanksgiving!

looking forward posted 11/20/2020 09:39 AM

You can also use Google translator on your phone. That's what I did when H and I went to the DR back in 17 and 18 winter.
The maid and I had lots of laughs with communicating! Such a friendly and happy lady! We found that all the staff were like that.
Best wishes for a DR/USA Thanksgiving.
But stay safe!

fooled13years posted 11/20/2020 14:05 PM

The Google translator is a great idea.

Superesse posted 11/22/2020 21:34 PM

Just now saw this post and wanted to share that yesterday, I asked one of my Mexican friends about Thanksgiving, whether she does anything for that day, and about a turkey...called "pavo." She told me the same thing I've heard over and over from my hispanic friends: she likes "pavo" but she has no idea what to do with a big bird, as far as cooking or eating it...and this woman is a great cook.

I tried to explain it's so easy, basically cooks itself, but the issue seems to be it's too much of a main dish of meat for their taste. She said "I would cut up some bits of turkey and vegetables into rice, but just to eat the meat? I don't know...."

fooled13years posted 11/24/2020 09:14 AM

Thank you for that. The eldest daughter, 11, talked with my wife and based on their conversation we will have the traditional turkey and trimmings along with 2 different types of rice, salads, vegetables and fried plantains.

My wife bought 2 large sets of storage containers because we are going to have a mountain of left overs for them to take home with them.

fooled13years posted 12/7/2020 11:52 AM

I want to thank WhatsRight, looking forward and Superesse for their help and insight to our hosting a family from the DR for Thanksgiving.

Your comments made the meal and time of fellowship a day we will always remember.

The Google translator was a lot of fun as we had good conversation and many laughs as the translator made a few gaffes.

My wife wrapped the turkey in bacon and if you have never done this, this was our first time, I would recommend that you try it sometime.

I learned some Spanish and Jose learned some English. Well more American than English.

I believe we have made some life long friends through this experience.

WhatsRight posted 12/9/2020 08:51 AM

Oh, I am so thrilled to hear of your great success with your new friends at Thanksgiving.

I can imagine that the translator issue was lots of fun! And so cool to think of sending them home with lots of leftovers.

Yall did Thanksgiving right!

Superesse posted 12/9/2020 16:32 PM

This warms my heart on a frigid December day!

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