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Help, what to do about dog pancreatitis?

Any over-the-counter supplements that help your dogs with this issue? With our 14-year-old Lab-Shepherd, we had good luck adding a powdered enzyme-probiotic to his 2 daily meals. It was available without prescription, but now the company seems unable to restock it. A friend suggested using a fresh dog food product that is sold already packaged and chilled, with only 4% fat, so for the last month we've tried feeding that half and half with his senior kibble, and it really seemed to help.

Last week, we finally ran out of the digestive powder and had to find another product, which we got at another major pet store. It's in chewy form, so it has a little canola oil (not sure how much) in each chew. The same night as we started him on that, he had a loose stool. Now it has been 3 days, we also started a new package of his fresh dog food (beef products with veggies) and he is all torn up, messing in his kennel. The vet says time for another round of tests and a stool sample.

Could it be the canola oil in the new digestive supplement? Or possibly the new package of the beef dog food? Seems we need to withhold his food until we can see the vet tomorrow. This would really be easier on the old guy if anybody in our vets' offices knew what to feed the dog!

Thanks for any suggestions!! This dog is our baby....

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Any high-speed cell phones without internet?

I knew the day was coming when our last-of-the-era flip phones would be phased out, and that date is now December 31st. Our carrier Sprint merged with T-Mobil and now they are attempting to "upgrade" customers to 5G-capable Smartphones, it seems. At least, that is the impression we get at the local store. Got a letter last month warning that after December, our reliable Kyoceras bandwidth will "no longer be supported." Offering to replace our old devices with 5G phones. For the reason that brought me to this website, I'd really like not to be forced to replace these phones with "new and improved" versions that seem to all include WiFi/Internet connectivity.

I'm not a tech gal, so being forced to shop for this mandatory switch is proving to be a challenge. From the little I've found online, we are looking at a Jitterbug senior phone, or ....? I know we cannot be alone in this situation, and hope some of you fellow travellers have ideas? TIA

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Would you sign a waiver of notice in a No Fault D?

Hi all! A friend of mine who does charitable work for our church is helping someone get through his divorce, and just asked me to look at legal papers his STBX cheating wife, mother of their 4 children, sent for him to "sign off" on to finalize their No Fault Divorce (based on over one year apart, no reconciliation, and no mention of her infidelity).

The document - "Acceptance/Waiver of Service Process..." - lists a number of legal notifications the Defendant will be waiving his right to, if he signs it, one being "notice of entry of any order, judgment or decree, including the final decree of divorce."

To me, not being a legal person, that looks like the STBX is trying to save herself legal document and filing fees. Maybe this kind of sign-off document isn't a problem in this case, other than it reads like my friend will have to keep checking with the Virginia court, for example, to find out when his divorce decree gets filed. I'm just not sure that signing this waiver is a red flag in this situation (couple had no property and child custody was already verbally agreed to). Still, my friend says she doesn't trust the STBX and why this was sent, so she asked my opinion....and I'd like a more informed opinion than I can give her! Sound familiar, anyone? Unforeseen consequences, etc.? TIA

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Get a Divorce for the financial benefits?

Crazy as it sounds, we just had a tax prep professional tell us there might be advantages to being "not married." As in: Divorced! Little did this professional know our true status - IHS! I quipped: "What are you saying? Are you saying we should get a Divorce? That can be arranged..." and she said "Don't laugh, I've had people who have done just that, for those reasons!"

I'd asked her to rework our late-filing 2019 return changing to "Married Filing Separately" because for all of last year, my dear WH decided to keep me in the dark about his failure to send in his business' estimated income tax payments. Now he (or legally "we," if we file jointly) owe tax interest and penalties...One of the forms she filled out on the Joint return she had started with, showed how "we" were to calculate the penalty to pay. Didn't sit too well with me after being lied to repeatedly over the years by him, having just suffered yet another D-Day (secret phone, again) and having asked him to move into our RV, so I thought it time to say "I don't want his decisions to become my responsibility."

This type of situation is what Married Filing Separately is for - even though he will pay a few hundred more, poor baby....maybe he shouldn't have lied about his finances.

But to go ahead and Divorce? I mean, I already met with a lawyer today, he said there are plusses and minuses if we stay together after D.

Do any of you know a couple who Divorced amicably just for reasons like money and tax benefits?

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