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slap my hand - holding myself accountable

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JBWD posted 10/3/2020 20:00 PM

Have you been more consistent this week, Rose?

Rose2206 posted 10/3/2020 22:17 PM

I did until sadly I have gotten terrible news this week from my family in germany. The one person in my family that i am closest to, my grandma, suffered a heart attack and is currently in the hospital. I did reach out to BS to tell him.
We ended up having some very emotional and honest conversations. It has been a very hard week. I am debating to fly out to germany, but due to covid even if I'd be there, I could not go visit her more that one hour a day. So as of now I was able to face time with her.

BS and I talked today (hard but good talk) as he brought me my suitcases in case I need to fly on short notice and now it is back to NC.

I am continuing to work my hardest and hope he will heal. In whichever way that will be.

JBWD posted 10/4/2020 17:26 PM

Itís so hard to have to be away from our loved ones suffering, Rose! Iím glad you have at least been able to talk to Grandma. These sorts of crises will definitely be scarier without people we want by our side- Itís embarrassing for me to say how much harder it was being without my BW at my Dadís funeral than the funeral itself...

Thoughts are with you, hoping things go alright for you and the family!

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