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Ex is engaged

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nekonamida posted 7/24/2020 11:43 AM

Apparently there was no real proposal, he got her a ring and wasnt sure he liked it so he showed it to her. I asked him, well, did she say yes? And he said oh yeah, that's what she's wanted from day 1.

How romantic!

Honestly, they deserve each other especially if there was some involvement happening before you separated. Kind of strange that she wanted to marry him on day 1 in 2017 unless she had a sample to go off of from before but some people really are desperate for marriage no matter who it's to.

JanaGreen posted 7/24/2020 11:51 AM

His perception that she wanted it from day 1 because he's a prize. Lol

She called me up for advice in January at the urging of her therapist after they broke up. Wanted to know if I'd had the same issues they had. Call ended with her saying she felt more like herself than she had in ages and it was "time to run." This was on a Thursday - Sunday when I went to get my littles from his house she answered the door.


So maybe she hadn't wanted that consistently from day 1 but she keeps getting back on the roller coaster.

SallyShrink81 posted 8/4/2020 09:38 AM

One of my favorite quotes (that incidentally I saw on here).
When a woman steals another woman's man she might as well steal her shoes too because soon she'll be walking in them.

My ex is still with AP 5 years later. When I've exchanged the kids with her, she's complained here or there about things that I couldn't stand while being married. Now I just smile and nod and think to myself but this is what you wanted. You literally fought for this.

ADryHeat posted 8/23/2020 05:09 AM

I havenít been on here in a while but insomnia has me up and reading posts.

My ex is engaged to his current partner as well. He started dating her before our divorce was final and that ended quickly. He went immediately from her (C) to another woman (A) who was an absolute nightmare of a human. He and A immediately moved in together and were soon engaged, but ended up breaking up a few months prior to the planned wedding. It was epic and spectacular and involved her taking back the car she had gifted him while he was at work (I think I posted about this when it happened).

Anyhow, within a month of that, x was back with C and moved into her home, and now they are engaged. Iím pretty sure he and C were dating while he was still with A, but whatever, not my problem. I was also disappointed how many of our mutual friends who are really more my friends liked and commented on the engagement post, like you. The only saving grace is that C is kind to my kids and seems to respect my position as their mom, which is the complete opposite of when he was dating A.

Itís ok to feel a way about this. Youíre human. Itís also ok to be glad heís no longer your problem in that way.

[This message edited by ADryHeat at 5:10 AM, August 23rd (Sunday)]

JanaGreen posted 8/23/2020 21:04 PM

ADryHeat, thank goodness he ended up with C and not A!

Cooley2here posted 8/24/2020 23:01 PM

I hope I am not stepping on toes. I donít get FB. It sounds so high school. Who the hell cares if a zillion friends ďlikeĒ something? Itís mindless to hit that button. I got on it years ago and canít get off so I just ignore notifications. If someone wants me I am a phone call, text, or email away. I have no clue what people are posting on FB. I look at dogs, decorating and gardens on Instagram. I never see personal stuff except from relatives. It takes me about one second to unfollow anyone who gets political. Just stay off all that stuff about him, her or any other loony you used to know. They are taking up your valuable time.

JanaGreen posted 8/25/2020 11:47 AM

That's very true Cooley, and I do generally keep him "snoozed."

It won't keep me from hearing my daughter go on and on about the wedding though . . . but I just practice smiling and nodding.

siracha posted 8/25/2020 18:54 PM

Sweet irony that - the fact that they are getting so excited to spend decades of monogamy together .. . no wonder you are feeling nauseated

Cheatee posted 8/26/2020 17:12 PM

This is good. It lets you detach.

My ex was dating briefly and she chilled way out during that phase. They split (he found out sheís a cheater?) and sheís gone back to being problematic. I canít wait for her to latch on to someone else!

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