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Finally it's over but still somewhat still hurting

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Shehawk posted 1/24/2020 21:05 PM

some jay
I am so so sorry. Life does get better. And there are people out there who would love you and your children.

I was sitting on the floor in my kitchen tonight watching the snow fall softly outside (last year I was laying in it after running out in it after finding out more of the ugly truth after months of post d day lies). I am alive. I have had my first divorce hearing. I met a man who loves me in ways I never dreamed existed.

There are plenty of Good women out there who would love your children with all their heart and help you through what you are facing as a single dad. I know more than one man who was betrayed, waited, chose carefully, and found the woman of their dreams. Then there are grandma aged people like me, maybe people on your extended or maybe even "church" family, who would love to brighten your childrens' lives or give you help or a break. I had so much fun at Christmas picking out a present for one of the children whose name I drew at church :)

Life will get better. You can heal! I wish you a brighter future where this pain is just a memory.

somejaykid posted 2/3/2020 03:56 AM

update: So last night while i was with my family my brother and mom told me that when they dropped off my son with the X they saw the boyfriend with them. in my divorce paper it said that no stranger allowed around my kids so i texted her "So you bringing your boyfriend around my kids already huh?" she read the text but didn't respond, So my mom called her mom to tell her what's going on, they talked for an hour and i found out that they kicked her out of their house because she would bring her hobo boyfriend inside their house without their consent. and i also found out that she doesn't work in our facility anymore also it make sense now that when i email her from my work email that she doesn't respond because she don't have access anymore. her mon was surprised when we told her about my daughter baptismal she said that the x didn't tell them about it, i am so pissed right now If you guys are in my situation what would you do now?

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