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Never ending bullshit with scumbag of a xw

mad Alright time to vent one more time here again, went to court yesterday because of the x not paying the car payment thus ruining my credit score. it took numerous times for me and my lawyer to get her to show up on court and yesterday she finally showed up. the judge ask her why she didn't pay the car payment on time and she explained that she is sick, going to dialysis and lost her job, got PREGNANT with her hobo boyfriend. I wasn't expecting the judge with be on her side on this one. boy was I fucking pissed at the judge in short story the judge gave her a slap in the wrist and that was it. she ruined my credit score and I can't even get my money back from my lawyer because she doesn't have a job to pay me for my lawyer. what kind of fucking bullshit is this court system if I reverse the role I sure hell be in jail right now if I did this to her. motherfucker I am so fucking pissed. why would you bring a child in this world if you are sick and financially can't afford it. not fucking fair for me and my kid's. I talked to my son and he said he doesn't like going to his mom because he said that both of them are being mean to him he told me he rather stay with his grandparents than her. how fucking sad that your own children doesn't want to see you. does anybody have the same situation I have? how did you guys get through this situation. I'm having a melt down because of this I try to be positive but every time I talk/deal with this piece of shit I get so mad still. I still can't believe she brought a child in this world knowing damn well you are not capable of being a good parent.

10 comments posted: Wednesday, August 25th, 2021

What should my next step should be?

alright guys just received a letter from my lawyer and i did not like what he said about my situation with the x. what should you guys do if you are in my shoe's. i called my lawyer and left a message waiting for his phone call now. i will type what the letter said here

"I appeared on your behalf on the above entitled matter on april 23, 2021 at 10:00 am in front of judge *blank*. i advised the judge the difficulties we had with your ex-wife and getting her served with the petition for rule to show cause. i will be sending *x wife name here* notice of this court date once again and provide her with zoom information. in short, she should have no excuse for not showing.

at this point, we have gotten the order entered requiring the sale of the vehicle. i am still happy to continue moving forward with the petition for rule to show cause. but it is going to be very difficult to proceed with that if we can not physically get her served with order. therefore, if we are unsuccessful getting her present at the next court date we need to have a serious conversation about whether or not we are able to actually move forward with this."

the last paragraph give me chill's i feel uneasy with this one

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10 comments posted: Friday, April 30th, 2021

Ever thought of your Ex-spouses

alright peeps tell me if i'm over thinking this. sometimes i think of how my ex left my *our* family behind to start over with somebody with low value and morals. in my head i think of her enjoying her new freedom while i'm stuck here piecing myself together while raising my two beautiful kids by myself, i sometimes get frustrated the mere thought of her having fun with out having responsibilities to her own children. it sickens me why do i still think of this stuff in my head. for the most part i'm adjusting being alone and being a great parent/dad to my awesome kids anybody else have this thought's in their heads?. how do you guys overcome this hurdle? send me some good vibes or good outcome to this situation because right now i'm having those days aarrgghhhh

13 comments posted: Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Scared of asking someone out

Alright peeps I need some tips on how to ask someone out. for some reason I have no idea why this is so terrifying to me asking this woman out maybe because I'm scared of rejection how do I summon a courage to do this?.

7 comments posted: Monday, July 27th, 2020

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