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Healing from Trauma

Emotionalhell posted 12/20/2018 05:36 AM

I just started reading Healing from Trauma by Jasmin Lee Cori.
It explains how trauma changes your phsiolology. Only 3 chapters into it and I canít wait to finish reading. It has already described how the trauma of infidelity mentally affected me. Talks about getting stuck in fight or fight in response to trauma.
I will give an update when I finish reading.

dreamlife posted 12/21/2018 10:43 AM

Thank you for posting this...I cannot wait for your update!

Joy1984 posted 12/22/2018 06:46 AM

Thank you for the book suggestion!

burninghouse posted 12/26/2018 22:00 PM

Thank you for this book recommendation!

Candyman66 posted 12/27/2018 07:14 AM

It sounds like a book I should read, I've been stuck in "fight or flight" for 58 years! (I'm 69 now)

gmc94 posted 12/28/2018 23:34 PM

Iíll put it on my list.
Iím readingĒ the body keeps the scoreĒ.
Itís amazing (and long) and very helpful.
Iím gonna have to actually buy it!

He does a great and very thorough job describing the physiological changes, the history of ptsd Dx (including conflict with an psychological Assn and the DSM not including trauma that builds over years), etc.
Iím about 1/3 thru it, but highly recommend it.

[This message edited by gmc94 at 11:37 PM, December 28th, 2018 (Friday)]

Emotionalhell posted 12/29/2018 07:49 AM

Gmac94 please give us an update when you finish.
Iíd like to know if it tells you how to heal.

dreamlife posted 12/29/2018 11:19 AM

I am going to read "The Body Keeps the Score" also by Van der Polk.

Emotionalhell posted 1/6/2019 15:48 PM

I am almost finished reading this book. A little up date for those that may be interested. Reading Healing from trauma has helped me understand my symptoms, the way I react to triggers and that you can get ďstuckĒ in some emotions. The book has also made me deal with some buried childhood trauma that I had never really digested which can affect how you deal with current trauma. The book gives many non traditional ways of dealing with the trauma. This is definitely a book I will be keeping and refer to as needed.

[This message edited by Emotionalhell at 3:50 PM, January 6th (Sunday)]

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