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Phone apps

Has anyone used spy phone tracker on the iPhone? Does the other person know you are tracking them?

2 comments posted: Monday, August 30th, 2021

Mother passed, had been estranged for years

I learned my mother passed last week. I hadn’t spoken to her in years. I had been burned too many times by her and after being told at my grandmother’s funeral by the funeral home that my mom tried to cash in grandma’s prepaid funeral that was it, that was the last straw.

I’m a mixed bag of emotions. I didn’t even think I would know of her passing until years later.

Her private service is next week. I’m going so I don’t have any regrets.

10 comments posted: Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Turning in my resignation, changing careers

After 27 years in the same field I am giving notice this week and going back to school for a something totally different.

I am so nervous about the change but I know if I don’t take this opportunity I will regret it. I’m nervous about not working full time and what in the heck am I going to do about health insurance ?

My husband is totally supportive of me going back to school. We have looked into me going on his insurance but it is so costly to add me.

Has anyone here made a huge change in their career? How did it turn out? Anyone with encouraging stories?

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8 comments posted: Tuesday, March 30th, 2021

Syncing devices

Is it possible to sync an iPhone and an my husband’s iPad to show his location without him being aware?

0 comment posted: Tuesday, September 15th, 2020

Checking internet history

Is there easy way to look at the last internet history that has been deleted without installing a keylogger?

9 comments posted: Friday, October 4th, 2019


WH often stays up late to do paperwork. There is a door up by his office. Aside from staying up and checking on him how can I know if he has left during the night? What tricks or tips can you give me for knowing he uses that door durning the night? Damn infidelity makes you doubt every action and word

11 comments posted: Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

WiFi router help

Is there a way to check the web sites WH visits through the WiFi router? And how else is the WiFi router helpful?

1 comment posted: Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Recommendations please

I need recommendations for a good tracking device that doesn’t need to be recharged regularly. And is affordable and easy to hide. The one I have is not working well

3 comments posted: Monday, June 3rd, 2019


Can you use a pay as you go phone as a gps tracker? Anyone have experience with that?

3 comments posted: Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

Healing from Trauma

I just started reading Healing from Trauma by Jasmin Lee Cori.

It explains how trauma changes your phsiolology. Only 3 chapters into it and I can’t wait to finish reading. It has already described how the trauma of infidelity mentally affected me. Talks about getting stuck in fight or fight in response to trauma.

I will give an update when I finish reading.

8 comments posted: Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Books on how to not attract a cheater

Are there any books on how to avoid attracting ppl that cheat or have personality disorders?

1 comment posted: Monday, October 22nd, 2018

For those that have used a keylogger

What brand did you use? Was it easy to install?

I want to install on windows 7

Thank you

5 comments posted: Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Burner phone and google accounts

How do you find a burner phone and how do you check for google accounts?

5 comments posted: Friday, September 14th, 2018

iPhone spyware

Is there a iPhone spyware that is easy to use undected ?

0 comment posted: Monday, September 3rd, 2018

Keylogger questions

Are they easy to install on a lab top computer, windows 7?

And are you able to check them from another location or do you have to be on the computer you installed it? What is a good reliable keylogger?

2 comments posted: Thursday, August 30th, 2018

Pod cast

Are there any podcast or you tube videos that have helped you heal and helped you identify a safe person, red flags?

2 comments posted: Saturday, July 21st, 2018

Anonymous texting

Is there anyway to send an anonymous text? to send without being known who sent it

3 comments posted: Thursday, May 24th, 2018

Computer question

While using waywards computer to scan something for a friend I noticed he had a document with OW name on it. My question is can I open it without being caught? Does the time and date change each time it is opened. I’m just not computer savvy enough to know.

I don’t want to confront him with it. If I find that something is still going on I want some time to get my ducks in a row and leave.

3 comments posted: Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Healing from trauma

Does anyone have a good book suggestion on healing from trauma that are infidelity related?

1 comment posted: Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Thyroid health books

What is the best book you have read on thyroid health?

And has anyone read Hashimoto's thyroiditis Protocol?

6 comments posted: Friday, April 7th, 2017

The Betryal Bond

Has anyone read The Betrayal Bond? I found it on Amazon and I'm considering purchasing it.

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8 comments posted: Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Sweet potatoe Queens book of Love

I am only on the first book. There is a series of them. Funny book.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is " treat them like dirt (men) , don't give them any and they will follow you around like dogs."

4 comments posted: Thursday, April 16th, 2015


Any good books on dealing with anger?

6 comments posted: Saturday, March 14th, 2015

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