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Betrayed Menz Thread-Part 33

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99lawdog99 posted 11/21/2018 10:20 AM

Just want to say that I hope all of you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Cephastion posted 11/21/2018 10:53 AM

But the catholic church created "St. Nicholas" (note how it is a homophone to "Santa Clause"?)

(Note, too, how this homophone looks like you said that good Saint Nick was a homophobe to a man who is sitting alone on his home-phone while perusing the musings and postings of the politically feisty Butforthegrace on SI on Thanksgiving Eve...)

It kinda makes ya question that fashion statement of his doesn't it?

Or didn't you ask for more political controversy for Christmas this year?

♂ Member
Member # 63264

Gents, no political threads amongst the lot o' you? Nothing that gives me an opportunity to write another sensational segue from politics to more acceptable subject matter?

I'm not sure if this qualifies or not since Santa is a fictional character with so few conspiracy theories ascribed to him...

...or IS HE???....

[This message edited by Cephastion at 10:58 AM, November 21st (Wednesday)]

Butforthegrace posted 11/21/2018 10:59 AM

A bonhomme home alone, reading "homophone" on his home phone, thinking of homophobe.

Cephastion posted 11/21/2018 11:21 AM

Also a hymn-singing "him" seeking synonyms for his homonym while humming on about names and alter-pims and nominal Catholic charitable caraciture via catechistic controversies and conspiratorial queries.

Cephastion posted 11/21/2018 11:37 AM

As for other controversial topics...

if I EVER see mommy kissing Santa Claus or him doing this to HER...

then he's gonna sure as hell regret EVER giving me that pair of "hop-a-long boots and a pistol that shoots" to go with all those tons of coal I'll be earning for stocking the freezers full of the "horse" he rode in on and the new pair of ornaments I'll have hanging from my tree... ...

[This message edited by Cephastion at 11:47 AM, November 21st (Wednesday)]

Butforthegrace posted 11/21/2018 13:33 PM

Okay gents, a bit of holiday advice. Say your woman is feeling frisky and she suggests letting her give you a blowjob while she has both tabasco sauce and ice cubes in her mouth at the same time. The concept is that the contrapuntal presence of heat and cold will heighten the erotic experience.

Gentlemen, I am here to tell you from personal experience: DO NOT TRY THIS!!!

steadychevy posted 11/22/2018 07:35 AM

Well that was more than I ever wanted to know.

Happy Thanksgiving gents from a Canadian.

Notthevictem posted 11/25/2018 08:41 AM

I don't care how much you keep trying steady, I am still not going to believe that canada is a real place. Good try though.

Cephastion posted 11/25/2018 09:52 AM

Yeah but you gotta admit that the people group/belief system that calls itself "Canadian" is a scary reality for many...

Notthevictem posted 11/25/2018 10:13 AM

It's probably one of those mass hallucination things.

Cephastion posted 11/25/2018 10:25 AM

Yeah... Probably has something to do with Christmas (mass) and Santa Claus (their national hero) or the tryptophan in turkey... Combined with the "Canadian religion" and snowboarding (their version of water boarding) their offspring with beer and hockey sticks when they're young and still pseudo-American.

Probably some yellow snow and maple syrup figures into that whole religious force fed snow cone/koolaid as well...

And fire... Lots and lots of fire.

[This message edited by Cephastion at 10:38 AM, November 25th (Sunday)]

Notthevictem posted 11/25/2018 10:55 AM

You seem awfully familiar with this fictional country... damnit! You're playing both sides!! I should have known better. One cannot reason with a "Canadian".

Cephastion posted 11/25/2018 11:48 AM

I converted when I first heard this mesmerizing national anthem /hymn one fateful night after the tryptophan, mayonnaise and soured egg nog had had their way with me...

McKenzies'es 12 Days of Christmas, eh


But I still have dual citizenship at least...

[This message edited by Cephastion at 11:54 AM, November 25th (Sunday)]

steadychevy posted 11/26/2018 05:59 AM

The cat is out of the bag. The fix is in. It's a conspiracy. First we send geese claiming to be Canadian. They looked like cute, friendly ambassadors until you get to know them and discover their toxic waste. On the way now is hordes of aged humans heading for Florida claiming to be from a mystical place called Canada who will infiltrate society through to next spring and then mysteriously disappear only to return the following fall.

We were on the verge of taking over everything until we elected the McKenzie brothers as leaders and spokesmen. Kind of got derailed somehow. I think it was the higher alcohol content beer. Or maybe just laziness. It started falling apart when they let our secret password slip. Eh.

Butforthegrace posted 11/26/2018 07:40 AM

You guys are cracking me up. My childhood was spent in a remote northern part of the Midwest, along the southern shore of Lake Superior, that is in ways an honorary Canadian colony. We say "eh".

My observation: Canada must be a place because it has its own kind of bacon. Bacon. If you get a kind of bacon named after you, you got it going on.

Did either of you guys ever use the term "Canadian Doubles" to refer to tennis where one guy plays in the singles lines on one side, while two play in the doubles lines on the other?

Cephastion posted 11/26/2018 07:50 AM

And that right there... Is the Canadian secret to taking over the world...

They act so innocent... So harmless... So friendly and nice...

But just read the lyrics to their 1980 christened national anthem and the truth of their subtle twisted agenda is right in front of your poor, duped, unsuspecting face!

Official English Translation:

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command*

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Translation of French:

O Canada!
Land of our forefathers,
Thy brow is wreathed with a glorious garland of flowers.
As is thy arm ready to wield the sword,
So also is it ready to carry the cross.
Thy history is an epic
Of the most brilliant exploits.

Thy valour steeped in faith
Will protect our homes and our rights.
Will protect our homes and our rights.

(Bold translation is: "Smoke Canadian greenhouse weed or die!" That ain't no Maple leaf in that flag of theirs...)

And let's not forget this devious little change later mentioned at the tail end of this:

(*proposed to change to:
"True patriot love in all of us command"
in order to be more gender neutral)

Which implies a totalitarian dictatorship with women and children enslaved and in combat to further this forced culture of indulgence upon us all!

[This message edited by Cephastion at 8:29 AM, November 26th (Monday)]

Cephastion posted 11/26/2018 08:03 AM

Don't you all see?

Naming awesome comestibles and cuisines and foodstuffs after a mere ideology is the best way to win over the hearts and minds of the world!

Canadian bacon
Canadian goose
Canadian Maple syrup
Canadian beer

It's like a national Lodge fraternity cult!

Just writing that out makes me want to expatriate for a weekend of non stop breakfast and supper indulgences!

steadychevy posted 11/26/2018 08:11 AM

The proposed change is now official, Ceph. I don't sing it that way. More non-conformity and devious behaviour. Notice how we spell, too. I'd like to buy a vowel. "u". Thank u.

[This message edited by steadychevy at 8:42 AM, November 26th (Monday)]

wincing_at_light posted 11/26/2018 18:36 PM

At the risk of spoiling the ending:

Whenever a WW talks about "communication problems" in the marriage, what she really means is that her BH didn't do what she told him most (all?) of the time. With maybe a touch of "he didn't read my mind so he'd know what to do, and then do it".

Read it any other way, and the plot never makes sense.

Notthevictem posted 11/26/2018 19:58 PM

Sorry WAL, the discussion has already moved on to the imaginary Canada and bacon. But if i had to choose between a nonexistent country and real crispy crunchy bacon.... well...

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