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Cholesterol and rx question

zebra25 posted 10/21/2020 15:00 PM

I have been diagnosed with high cholesterol probably caused by genetics. I have been tested to see if that is the case.

I was told by a lipid specialist that if that is the case diet and exercise will not move my numbers.

My latest numbers are hdl 71. Ldl 216. Triglycerides 141.

Ten years ago (also the year I joined SI) my numbers were Hdl 98 ldl 150 triglycerides 59.

After that reading numbers went crazy and have been bad since. Nobody has come up with an explanation for that. An endocrinologist told me that seemed very unusual.

I was unable to tolerate statins so I have now been prescribed Repatha. Does anyone one have any experience with this drug?

Any thoughts?


tushnurse posted 10/21/2020 15:13 PM

Zebra - First were those old numbers pre menopause? If so they make perfect sense.

Second - What is your diet now compared to then? Remember diet can have an impact on triglycerides, which in turn will effect your LDL, meaning that plant fats, and carbs are bad for you, and lean meats, and real animal fats are better for you. Your HDL are high, but those are the good fats. So that's not all bad.

I do not have experience w/ Repatha. I do know it's a newer med, so probably expensive. Probably requires a PA through insurance.

If you want learn a bit more about cholesterol, what the numbers mean, and why we are all so screwed up about what we believe we are supposed to be eating, there is a recent, like last week Joe Rogan Podcast about this w/ an expert that goes against what most Dr's will tell you, but follows the science, and research. Of course it's a Joe Rogan podcast so it's long, but worth a listen. Paul Saladino is the guest. Very interesting, and validates what I have been telling patients for years.

Carbs are bad, plant "man made" fats are bad. Meat is good, meat fats are good, and there can be a balance there. Additional reinforces genetics part in this as well, some of us are destined to have low numbers regardless of our shit diets (My father), and some of us are destined to have super high numbers no matter how good we eat.

I would ask for the cardiac scan to see if you even have athrosclerosis. This can impact what you are doing too, and what meds you need, need NOT be on.

zebra25 posted 10/21/2020 15:26 PM

Thanks Tush.

I had a total hysterectomy in my thirties which would have been around 1999. I was on premarin until 2015. My numbers changed in 2010.

I don't think my diet has changed too much until recently. I have ibs-c and cannot tolerate much fiber. I have had to follow low fodmap diet which has worked wonders for me.

I am very interested in learning more about cholesterol and will definitely listen to that pod cast. Thank you.

I added running to my exercise this year and worked on my diet. My doctors are not even a little interested and haven't rechecked my numbers. The only thing they want to talk about is this medicine which is cheap for me but extremely expensive for my insurance provider.

I don't like taking medicine unless absolutely necessary and hate taking anything new.

Lionne posted 10/21/2020 18:31 PM

Mine was a similar story. My numbers were terrific until menopause. Then they crept upwards. I tried a strict diet for 6 mos, I was actively exercising, no change to my numbers. They put me on the lowest dose crestor, three days a week,and the numbers went back to being low.
Good luck with your quest.

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