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Drowning in pain

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Hopeful30 posted 8/17/2020 16:18 PM

Document, document, document! Every time he shows up late, or doesnít show at all, or threatens you with actions or bullies your children, document it. Courts love documentation.

Also, have the childrenís counselor file a report to your attorney that he can utilize to get a court order to keep him from introducing the AP to your children.

If it is not in their best interest, and he arranges the meeting anyway, it will help you for custody and child arrangements.

You are stronger than him. They are both cheaters and will be stuck with each other and you will move on to better things.

Needtosurvive posted 8/18/2020 09:17 AM

I have emailed him again and stated that for clarification he is not to introduce them. I have also emailed my solicitor asking what can be done about this. I want to feel strong again and hate feeling so sad or flat. I feel like i am fighting and having contact with him leaves me devastated for days. Has the oldest having a little cry yesterday saying he doesn't feel enough! His BRILLIANT dad has done this to us all. I hope one day he realises what he has done. I hope he see how discussing it is that he comes to my house for the boys in her car. I hope he understands what a soulless POS he actually is!!!!

Needtosurvive posted 8/21/2020 17:32 PM

So utterly pissed off with this whole situation. How is it fair that I have to share my time with my children with someone whoís choice it was to destroy our family. How is this allowed and excerptible. Itís youngest birthday soon and he has them in the afternoon so I donít get to do his birthday dinner all because Daddy decided thatís his Whore is more important than what we had spent 15 years building.
This is crap unfair and unjust.
Vent over

siracha posted 8/21/2020 18:03 PM

This may not make complete sense for months to come but
your husband is a c*** and now he is with another c***.
Just eat well drink enough water get a foot massager get a new dog or a cat . Dont try to ď winĒ dont try to understand dont rake through the past for clues , just try every day to forget he ever existed .
( happy to edit my post if you prefer more respectful words for him)

siracha posted 8/21/2020 18:04 PM

Lol .. apparently i triggered an automatic edit function . Well played moderators :)

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