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Thinking about Greta Gerwig, Noah Bombach, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Justsomelady posted 2/9/2020 20:48 PM

Just reading a bit about them, Hollywood gossip blogs, the oscars, etc...recently saw Marriage Story. So many feelings get riled up thinking about these people now. I didnít know about the history before. I have been meaning to see Ladybird and Little Women...and in anything hollywood you canít avoid infidelity ...but it did put a bad taste in my mouth about seeking these movies out as I learned more. It seems they likely cheated with each other while JJL was pregnant...and she filed when the baby was about 7 months. In the movie Marriage Story the H throws the fact that his wife didnít have sex with him for a year as a reason for his cheating. Not a reason. I definitely know that. It is a symptom and you talk to your partner rather than stepping out. Anyway, it triggered me as I had a similar motivation in my EA machinations.

I donít have a coherent thought process here save for one - the injustice of it all. How sad - obviously for the marriage - but particularly as a recent mom I feel for JJLís loss of the purity of joy and specialness of her new motherhood to all the cheating and drama NB and GG set forth. This all was brought home as I saw a glossy magazine cover image in my internet search of GG - kissing her new baby in her splendor...and a more recent one about NB and GG as the ultimate creative power couple. When in contrast poor JJL was seeing divorce attorneys with her newborn at home, no cover shoots there. Also, the marriage it seems also at some level had a similar artistic partnership (is the movie is as autobiographical as they say). Seems JJL was robbed of so much by the person she should have been able to depend on, and by two people caught up in such selfishness. I really felt so sad for her today reading about the ďnewĒ couple being toasted right and left. Especially after hearing more about how the marriage with JJL broke down. Just sucks. And it made me feel ashamed again for ever thinking of straying. Anyone else get bothered by this or this sort of stuff?

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EvolvingSoul posted 2/9/2020 21:07 PM

Oh movies and TV all the time trigger the crap out of me. I don't follow celebrity lives (I have to admit that the only person of those three I know who they are is JJL) but the way in which infidelity is typically portrayed really bothers me. There are two instances where it seemed like they did a good job of showing how fucked up it all is, both I saw long before my affair though and it sure didn't stop me from having one. One is "Damage" with Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche. he other is "Unfaithful" with Richard Gere and I think Diane Lane. Everything else I've seen that portrays infidelity justifies it, minimizes it, glamorizes it or makes a joke out of it. Even "Kind of the Hill" which I actually thought was a funny, enjoyable show (especially having a zillion relatives from Texas) had the whole cuckolding of Dale thing going on which has kind of ruined it for me.

A lot of times I just avoid a film or show all together (like marriage story) because of infidelity themes.

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