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Seriously folks, you just can't make this shit up

iamanidiot posted 6/4/2019 04:51 AM

My previous post reminded me about a story about OM1.
Seriously folks, you just can't make this shit up.

1st OM worked for my biggest client and transferred to the local office. In the years prior to DDay, we met 3 or 4 times for work and found we had a common interest of camping and fancy cars. I liked the guy, thought we could be great friends.
One day while out shopping with my WS, we saw him & his wife. Of course I wanted to introduce WS to my 'new' friend.
She dragged me out of that shop so lightening fast.
'Did I not realise it was her ex-boyfriend from before we met?' Me, 'like so what? That was 30 years ago, you were 16, what is the issue?'.
I didn't see a problem. Like always I did not pursue the point.
So he also figured out who I was.
In the next few months it always became an issue to get our work signed off for payment. My staff complained that suddenly he had started to give them attitude 'that stinks' and did not want to do any more work for him.

It was only after DDay that WS told me he was OM1, happened around 3 years into our relationship.
The very next time there was a problem I decided to go confront him.
He was sweet as pie, couldn't sign off fast enough and leave (right out of his own office... ).
Three months later he took an early retirement package siting a medical condition - stress at work.

Brennan87 posted 6/4/2019 08:57 AM


You aren't kidding, the things that our WS do is completely baffling and if you don't live it, people wouldn't believe it!

CaptainRogers posted 6/4/2019 09:03 AM

Stuff like this is why Hollywood glamorizes infidelity. That's easier to make up than what happens in real life.

survrus posted 6/4/2019 18:34 PM

Thanks got a laugh out of that, it's amazing the weird stuff people come up with when they are lying or covering up.

OM2 on seeing me at a coffee shop asked where my W was and that he wanted to kiss her, so I took him into the parking lot just to see what happened. She refused, but this guy is a serious illness doctor responsible for patients on the verge of death.

His SO other was there and I guess he didn't want me to talk with her.

It's almost like watching a comedy at the movies it can't be real, it makes you want to question your own sanity.

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