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Back in IC,and co-parenting drama

Exod1414 posted 5/29/2019 20:36 PM

I decided to get back into IC. Being served recently, WW revoking visitation w/ my stepdaughter, and I suppose it would now be DDay2 w/ the new revelations from OBS. Having to go through her FB, old letters, texts, etc to get evidence ready to fight for custody. Helping DsD's father get himself ready to fight for custody. I figured it would only help in the weeks to come.

Tonight, I called to talk to my three, DD6, DS5, DS2, but WW refused to answer, texted they were eating, and couldn't pause for me to talk to them. This is the third week of unanswered calls. I knew this was coming, all of it. I watched her alienate DsD from her father, have found out POSOM did the same to OBS, WW is doing it with me and DsD, and this is the prelude to her doing it w/ mine. I only hope and pray the judge sees this for what it is. WW imposed this schedule on me last year, reducing my calls to twice a week (which became once, since I was in school).

I'm steadily building my case files. I truly hope the judge recognizes not only what a horrible spouse WW had been, but a shitty mother, as well. I really need to update my profile, there's just so much I found out.

P.S. I'm truly shocked by two things: that WW obviously still hasn't realized in all this time SC doesn't have legal separation, and that she doesn't seem to recall how doggedly good I am at compiling information.

BearlyBreathing posted 5/29/2019 22:29 PM

Glad you are getting IC. you have a lot on your plate hang in there.

Chaos posted 5/30/2019 11:58 AM

she doesn't seem to recall how doggedly good I am at compiling information.

Use this to your advantage.

Hang tough...

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