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So it's 10 years now.....

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TheGuy123 posted 5/8/2019 19:55 PM

It's been ten years! No longer in contact with WW! Found someone new!

Are you sure you are moving on?

Seriously....thank you for updating. Time does heal all wounds! I went through this shyt 9 years ago.

annb posted 5/10/2019 13:54 PM

Hi, TheBod! Good to see your yearly updates.

Congratulations on your engagement, and Goodspeed!

TheBod posted 5/10/2019 22:37 PM

annb I think I remember you!

nice to hear from you and hope you're well

Ponus18 posted 5/11/2019 18:30 PM

Congrats TheBod! It's so nice to come here and see a victory-lap post like yours. Well-deserved and a great lesson to others who come here to see that life on the other side can be pretty darn good. My life too is 10 million times better having divorced my serial cheating WW (and gotten remarried last year) and I've never looked back.

Enjoy your new life!

StupidJulie posted 5/14/2019 01:40 AM

So, it's been ten years for me too. I actually attended a "Meet Up" in New Jersey in 2010. This site saved me from .... possibly death? I had no where to turn. For a year I posted daily. I am now remarried (will be 4 years in September). Life does go on. I have proven to myself that the opposite of "Love" is not "Hate" but "Indifference" and I am so there....

You will not find my old name...somehow I messed up and had to start over but SI does get some of my money some of the time

ISurvived7734 posted 5/14/2019 23:48 PM

I'm happy that you have recovered so well and found peace with it all. What I don't understand is why you would want to get married again? I suppose you might still be young enough to want more children - which is the only reason to ever get married - but 10 years is a long time so maybe you could enlighten me on this.

Again - congratulations on your recovery and I wish you all the best going forward.

TheBod posted 5/15/2019 18:25 PM


I think the answer to your question is simple: it's because I've finally found the right person.

The 10 years I spent healing I learned a lot about myself and what works and doesn't work for me. I've realized I've spent a lot of my adult life trying to make something that doesn't work actually work---it's much easier when one finds someone who doesn't make them feel like doing anything other than just being themselves.

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