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ďDietĒ. Or way of life question...struggle

hereagain2 posted 2/8/2019 12:39 PM

I have struggled with my weight the last 4 years.
I really need to lose 40 pounds. My question is:
I know i need to be gluten free. Thatís not that hard. But in the past i lost best and fast on low carb... but itís not sustainable for me. Iím not a big meat eater. So thinking about WW?!

So does it matter which kind of diet i do - will i lose? Or is low carb the answer?
Hope my question makes sense. It seems low carb has been ingrained in my head as thatís the only way to lose weight... but thatís not true right??

FaithFool posted 2/8/2019 12:47 PM

I did modified low carb years ago and dropped 25 lbs in about a year. But I also joined a gym and started pumping iron on the regular, so that kick-started my menopausal metabolism.

Now I try to pay attention to what I put in vs what I expend. MyFitnesspal is my favourite tracker for that.

Fortunately I don't have a sweet tooth and don't like most baked goods, but my main weight loss enemy is red wine... I loves my wine, but I track that consumption as well and try to have some balance.

Right now my weight bench is frowning at me from the corner and reminding me it's time to get back at it.

I don't have a car so I walk, bike or bus everywhere and get a carshare for big shops. If I had a car I'd be a blimp I think...

Yes it has to be a way of life. Diets don't work IMO.

lieshurt posted 2/8/2019 13:01 PM

My understanding is that low carb isn't meant to be a long term weight loss solution.

I know of 2 members who are lifetime WW members and they have had success in losing weight and keeping it off long term. WW teaches you lifestyle changes and teaches you to make better food choices. It's a much healthier way to lose weight and to keep it off.

Phoenix1 posted 2/8/2019 13:28 PM

I think you have to find what both works and is sustainable for YOU. I did low carb many years ago, dropped a lot of weight, but it slowly crept back on over the years. When I tried it again, it didn't work unless I also calorie counted, which kinda made no sense. So I dropped the low carb portion and focused on calories. That ended up being the trick for me. It doesn't matter *what* I eat, just the total calorie intake. Consequently, I try to eat foods that are filling, healthy, and lower calories (lots of veggies). I'm a definite carnivore, but meat is generally chicken or turkey, with lots fish (seafood in general, cuz I love it). Regardless of what it is, the total calories must be kept in check. My kitchen scale is my best friend!

I was just talking to a friend about this as I've fallen off the food wagon the past few months and my clothes are getting noticeably tighter. I told her I've got until May to drop the extra pounds cuz I'm going SCUBA diving and I don't want to look like an overstuffed sausage after squeezing myself into my wetsuit.

tushnurse posted 2/8/2019 14:35 PM

At the end of the day you will lose weight as long as you have more calories spent than taken in.
Low carb/high protein can work well for many people because it limits peaks and valleys in your serum glucose. When you ha e peaks and valleys as a result of eating a higher carb diet it triggers your brain to sense hunger.

WW has been historically a very solid and good way to lose and maintain weight loss. My sister is a lifer and goes back to it when her weight creeps up. I never made it to my goal the 2 times I paid to do it but have used the information and my fitness pal with great success.
I find a higher protein diet works better for me and limits my cravings. If I eat carbs like potatoes and bread I crave them more. If i get that stuff out of my diet I dont miss it.
The thing that has worked best for me was hiring a trainer and following a meal plan he provided and going to the gym doing cardio and weights 3-4 days a week.

Holly-Isis posted 2/8/2019 15:16 PM

Why do you need to be GF? It's my understanding that only those with Celiacs actually need to be GF.

And I've done LC and WW...I really believe that while you can lose weight quickly once you get into ketosis, WW is the more sustainable method.

The only diet book I finished reading is called "Calorie Queens". Let's sum it up: lose weight by eating the calories for the weight you want to be. It will take longer, but you will be in the habit of eating the calories you need and won't have to struggle with the calories being really low and then moving up to a sustainable calorie level.

BearlyBreathing posted 2/8/2019 21:09 PM

WW is great. You can be gf or just low carb if you want.Pretty much no other restrictions. I also need to lose 40 and just joined WW. (Did it years ago and it worked)

sewardak posted 2/8/2019 22:40 PM

I dont have weight to lose but whole 30 taught me a lot about food.

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