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Energy medicine

Emotionalhell posted 10/13/2018 07:27 AM

Does anyone study energy medicine? Like Donna Eden.
Are there any energy exercises to improve brain function?
You can pm

ncharge posted 10/13/2018 07:44 AM

PM sent

pureheartkit posted 10/13/2018 08:54 AM

I'm not familiar with that but please try a healthy fat like flax oil and olive oil and keep hydrated. The brain needs water and healthy fat to repair tissues. Also keep up exercise to flush out toxins and plaques. If you keep your liver in good shape it filters out toxins that might end up in brain tissue. Try unsweetened cranberry juice and water to keep liver and kidneys doing their best. Healthy body= healthy brain. Don't forget to sleep at least 7 hours!

Let us know how it goes.

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