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Hold Me Tight

HowIsThisReal posted 11/20/2016 21:25 PM

FWH's therapist recommended this book, anyone read it?

mamazen posted 11/22/2016 08:33 AM

I have not read it (because our marriage was too far gone to try to fix it). But I have heard that this technique has worked miracles in relationships. My therapist told me that a couple long sessions with the author saved her own marriage (they actually travelled to the author's city for sessions).

bw900 posted 11/23/2016 08:11 AM

Our MC recommended it, too. I listened to half of it but had to return it to the library. I don't remember specifically what it said, but I hated returning it because it was helpful. This was either before dday when I was searching for ways to fix our marriage (I could not pinpoint what was wrong with us!! Of course it was because WH was GONE from the M in the A!), or it was shortly after dday 22 months ago. We just ordered the book and are waiting for it to arrive. MC says it is best read a bit at a time because it is deep and we would benefit if we take time to process it.

sewardak posted 11/23/2016 15:57 PM

is it about attachment and that when we fight it's about our fear of not being attached to someone?

Crushed7 posted 11/29/2016 11:55 AM

I read it and thought it was excellent. It was great at not only identifying the faulty relationship patterns, but at suggesting how to form a better relationship.

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