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The Art of Loving

ivehadit01 posted 8/18/2016 14:00 PM

I would like recommend 'The Art of Loving ' by Erich Fromm . This book has really understand and act on a lot of things I was just ignoring previously. Gave me a picture of how true mature relationships are supposed to be.

Good read!

mamazen posted 8/19/2016 19:18 PM

I remember reading this in the early 80's----even shared it with my husband-to-be, and we thought it was powerful. Gonna find it again; thanks for the recommendation!

TS68 posted 8/20/2016 10:43 AM

Trying to find this online now. Sounds intriguing.

sillyoldsod posted 8/22/2016 01:59 AM

I found some of the language used quite inaccessible and not particularly easy to understand possibly because the book was written in the 1950s by a psychoanalyst.

However the explanations of the different types of love, Brotherly love, Motherly love, Erotic love, Self love and Love of God were useful so overall I'd say this short book is a good read and definitely thought provoking for those wishing to better understand what Love is.

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