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Parenting Books

annanew posted 3/29/2016 14:11 PM

What are your favs? I'm a parenting book junkie lately.

I started a year ago with How to Talk So Kids Will Listen - a great classic, and a lot of the more recent texts follow the same approach. Anyone read this and had success with the practical approach?

Since then -

Parent Effectiveness Training - good, similar to how to talk but fairly extreme in that it interprets everything a kid does as expressing a "need", a little bit too extreme for my taste.

Parenting from the Inside Out - a lot of people swear by this one so I may have to give it another read. I didn't take much away from it the first time.

The Whole Brain Child - by same author as above, very similar.

Playful Parenting - I LOVE this one. It's an uplifting read, super fun, and great advice that is different from a lot of the standard texts.

A Child's Work - about the importance of play, but no advice for parents - really intended for educators.

Hold on to Your Kids - Reading this now. Pretty alarmist and I'm not sure that I buy the premise that kids are more peer-oriented now than they ever were. But I'm hoping it will have some solid advice. It's interesting for an SI audience perhaps because it draws a parallel between teen rejection of parents and foggy affair behavior.

On my list: Mind in the Making, and The Five Love Languages of Kids

I also read Welcome to your Child's Brain, and Brain Rules for Baby several years ago, though I wouldn't characterize these as parenting books.

mamazen posted 4/1/2016 19:04 PM

It's been a while for me for parenting books, but I remember liking anything by T Berry Brazelton, and Dr William Sears. Also remember loving "The Three Martini Playdate" as I got more jaded! LOL Good luck!

mamazen posted 4/1/2016 19:09 PM

Also I highly recommend "Protecting The Gift" by Gavin De Becker. It's about how to best protect your children from predators, basically by not denying or negating their emotions and intuition in your parenting practice. Cannot say enough great things about this book.

Lark posted 4/3/2016 21:45 PM

I really liked Bringing up Bebe. I didn't agree with everything it said, but it offered a lot of great opportunities to reflect on some of the things I take for "granted" in parenting.

I was chatting with one of the founding teachers at my daughter's school and she recommended I read Alfie Kohn's works. I read one of his years ago but it was likely during newborn sleepless zombie mode because I really dont remember much of it now.

plainsong posted 4/5/2016 11:00 AM

My favorite is Growing Up Again, Parenting Ourselves, Parenting our Children by Clarke and Dawson. Great on developmental stages and on low key but firm parenting techniques. Also addresses how to deal with our own issues that are triggered by a child's issue or developmental stage that correspond to something that didn't go well in our own upbringing.

crazynutshell posted 5/25/2016 13:34 PM

I would like to recommend Robin Berman. My favourite book of this author is Permission to Parent. I have read it twice. A lot of useful information, everything is explained in plain English, real-world examples.

Molly2016 posted 5/27/2016 19:43 PM

I really liked Alfie Kohn's "Unconditional Parenting." I work in a public high school and so wish some of my students had been raised by parents following Kohn's advice.

GreatPretender posted 6/17/2016 23:03 PM

I'm going to have to check some of these out!

shakentocore posted 9/3/2016 22:29 PM

Children are From Heaven. I think it was written by the same guy who wrote the men are from Mars / women are from Venus books.

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