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Game of Thrones

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gypsybird87 posted 5/22/2016 23:23 PM

The end of this episode wrecked me. First Summer, then Hodor...

Threnody posted 5/23/2016 14:06 PM


yearsofpain25 posted 5/24/2016 13:07 PM


So much for my Wylis knowing stuff theory. I now firmly believe that hodor should be added to the dictionary on his behalf though.

And summer.

Yeesh a tough episode to take. These last 2 episodes have been on par with season finales. Great stuff but totally gut wrenching.

risingfromashes posted 5/24/2016 19:40 PM

New to this post. Read the books before I began to watch the series...yeah I am a bit of a geek.
Did a marathon watch after I finally broke down and upgraded my cable enough to see the past seasons. I am too old to figure out all the alternative ways to watch it.

But Hodor!!!!!
Did not foresee this.

Chria posted 5/25/2016 07:12 AM

Itstime posted 5/25/2016 08:23 AM

They can't kill Hodor!!!

LizM posted 5/26/2016 10:31 AM

What was the name Varys heard coming from the flames when his "parts" were burned by the sorcerer? Is that something that was revealed or is is something we have to speculate on? I remember when he had the flashback, but I don't remember the name.

yearsofpain25 posted 5/31/2016 12:39 PM

And this year's badass award goes to...

Lark posted 5/31/2016 15:58 PM

I don't remember either, Lizm.

nowiknow23 posted 6/5/2016 20:09 PM

Already before the title sequence began on tonight's episode.

BrokenRoad posted 6/5/2016 21:25 PM

No kidding. And what an ending!

BallofPain posted 6/8/2016 07:04 AM

I can't wait until next week. I had to stifle my screech when the ending occurred.

My word of advice to any new Game of Thrones watchers, DON'T get attached to any of the characters. I was sitting on the couch trying to to cry when Tywin was killed >.<

devasted30 posted 6/12/2016 10:46 AM

Wow, I was celebrating when Tyrion finally killed him.

HenryIIX posted 6/13/2016 10:50 AM

No more trial by combat - love it!

It made me laugh out loud, so much for having the Mountain on her side.

BallofPain posted 6/15/2016 08:04 AM

Tywin was such an interesting character and he had the best speeches. No denying he was a major jerk but father of the year award definitely goes to that Tarly guy.

I am so torn about the elimination of trial by combat. I wanted to see the High Sparrow go down.

And that Waif, I tell you guys! That woman is a amazing actress. If I were running that fast or that long, I would not be able to keep that smile on! Though, I have a theory about the events that I would love to share but I'm so scared of spoiling it for someone

devasted30 posted 6/19/2016 21:03 PM

Yes and Goodbye!!!!!

lieshurt posted 6/19/2016 22:04 PM

Damn that was satisfying

honesttoafault posted 6/19/2016 22:16 PM

OMG!!! This episode was amazing!! I was crying when Dany came riding in. I guess not too many spoilers yet?

Loved, loved , loved this episode!!

Itstime posted 6/19/2016 22:58 PM

I had to watch it twice..that was so satisfying! Jon Snow and Dany..Awesome!! Best episode for this season probably for the show. Epic Battle for sure.

Jrazz posted 6/20/2016 01:31 AM

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