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Game of Thrones

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brokensmile322 posted 5/5/2016 18:36 PM

So have you all discussed who Jon Snow's parents really are??? New to this thread, but am in awe if the rumors are true!

Threnody posted 5/6/2016 10:22 AM

I'm not aware of the rumors, but by the end of the second book I had a theory that Jon Snow is the daughter of Ned Stark's sister and Robert Baratheon. He's dark -- remember the dark-haired blacksmith's apprentice that Melisandre killed for blood magic? And the fact that all of the Stark children had wolves bond with them means he has Stark blood.

I hope I'm right. And I hope he and Danny fall in love and marry and rule jointly, because for ONCE can we have a happy ending in this brawl?

brokensmile322 posted 5/6/2016 11:49 AM

Possible Spoiler Alert:

You are making a good guess,as did I. There have been rumors circulating that Robert Baratheon is not the father of Jon Snow though.

That his mother is indeed the Stark sister, Lyanna, but his father is Rhaegar Targaryen. She had escaped with him to the Tower of Joy during Robert's rebellion. References that Ned sees his sister in a bed of blood, but never says how she died. The premise being she died during delivery. That after the rebellion, the three guards were found at the tower defending it, defending it for what reason? An heir? The fact that Jon's wolf is white in color associated with Targaryen and his other siblings are all dark. These are just some of the references, but certainly makes for some interesting discussion. If true, Jon would be the heir to the Iron Throne and possibly not a bastard at all (if there was a secret wedding which is also being discussed). And the recent jump back in time sequence they played during the first episode of this season makes it seem that there is some credence to this line of thinking. I am no expert so forgive me if I got some facts wrong. I just love the story and find this theory so interesting!

devasted30 posted 5/6/2016 13:58 PM

I, too, think that Jon Snow is the child of Lyanna and Rhaegar. Have read a theory that Lyanna wasn't kidnapped by Rhaegar but loved him and went willingly. I like that one.
Apparently, George RRMarin was bugged one too many times about Jon's parentage and he snarkly replied that his parents names rhymed with Schmobert Schmaratheon and Schametlyn Schmark. He tweeted it, then deleted the tweet. I sure hope he was just pulling our legs because I would hate that eventuality and would be completely turned off GoT.

Threnody posted 5/6/2016 15:23 PM

"Lyanna and Rhaegar" had occurred to me, but I keep coming back to Jon's dark hair and eyes. Lyanna was dark (as we've seen just now, in her younger years), but I could swear somewhere in the books it said all Targaryen children had white-hair. The line about the "bed of blood" thing had escaped me before, but I recall it now.

All throughout the series I've been able to pinpoint various real-world historical examples. But this one, Jon Snow, doesn't have any regarding his parentage that line up so far.

I love that I can't see the answer to this one coming from a long way off. In fact, that is one of the principal joys I get from reading/watching GoT.

Lark posted 5/6/2016 15:29 PM

There were also words exchanged outside the tower between Ned and a knight that hint that it was more than just a kidnapping of Lyanna. I don't have the books in front of me to figure out which book/passage

lieshurt posted 5/7/2016 18:18 PM

I just watched the entire series in 10 days, so I finally know what everybody is talking!!!

Haffyrider posted 5/8/2016 14:35 PM

There is also the theory that Jon and his wolf are tied together (ignore my brain fart but like his brother who can do all that animal magic) and the wolf would have to have died too... Hence the wolf was shown so clearly in his resurrection scenes...
Of fire and ice..... lol...

nowiknow23 posted 5/9/2016 11:22 AM


Threnody posted 5/9/2016 15:41 PM

I got so excited I squeaked, "It's Tonks!" but when they showed the wolf I dropped the F-bomb and kind of wanted to punch something. The only two wolves left are Jon's and Arya's, right? Lady was run off then killed, Rob's was killed, and now Rickon's. Or am I mis-remembering Lady?

All I know is that Jon Snow wasn't finished surprising people. There's gonna be a good story in this latest decision, I bet.

I ♡ Varys. Always have, always will. What a great character (and actor!).

nowiknow23 posted 5/9/2016 16:18 PM

IIRC, Lady was executed in place of Nymeria because Arya chased Nymeria away to keep her safe.

Really hoping that wasn't actually Shaggydog, but rather a regular wolf's head. It's a stretch, but I'd love to believe that Rickon's "capture" is really a trap for Ramsay.

A girl can dream...

gypsybird87 posted 5/9/2016 16:33 PM

Really hoping that wasn't actually Shaggydog, but rather a regular wolf's head. It's a stretch, but I'd love to believe that Rickon's "capture" is really a trap for Ramsay.

I saw that theory floated on facebook and am hoping the same thing. The head, while still sad and horrible, looked too small to be Shaggydog or any other direwolf. Having not read the books I don't know much about the Umbers, but people online are commenting that they would never betray the Starks like that.

Personally I'm hoping it's a ploy, and that Shaggydog is healthy and well, and gets to have Ramsay for a snack. What sweet justice that would be!

nowiknow23 posted 5/9/2016 17:36 PM

Shaggydog is healthy and well, and gets to have Ramsay for a snack.
Yes, please.

[This message edited by SI Staff at 5:36 PM, May 9th (Monday)]

Lark posted 5/10/2016 04:29 AM

Jon's direwolf - Ghost
Arya's direwolf - Nymeria
Bran's direwolf - Summer

So there are still three!

Was very surprised to see Rickon...

I was excited in this episode as it brought into the show the story of Arthur Dayne and the tower where Lyana is. I was squeeing "they're going to reveal it! they're going to reveal it!" My husband had forgotten about the tower and Arthur Dayne, but he quickly caught up in my squees haha.

It's making me so want to re-read the books

brokensmile322 posted 5/17/2016 07:18 AM

Loved this last episode…. Jon and Sansa reunited. Very interesting how you can see that Sansa is rallying Jon to take back Winterfell.

And loved the last scene with Khaleesi!

Skibunny posted 5/17/2016 10:37 AM

Nice work Dany!

Ramsey Bolton is an absolute horror

NiceGuySF posted 5/18/2016 17:13 PM

Hi guys,

I haven't read through this thread. But only 3 weeks ago I signed up for HBO Now and have just finished "binge" watching all episodes. So I'm officially caught up to the rest of the world

yearsofpain25 posted 5/19/2016 13:16 PM

Welcome to the rest of the world NGSF.

I've been on the R + L = J theory for a while. Ever since I read about Daenerys vision of her father with the woman and the crown of blue roses in the house of the House of the Undying. Lots going on with the blue roses theory. We were discussing at work the other day and a twist on the crown of blue roses that Lyanna Stark was wearing in all the different visions that I hadn't totally thought through was that Rhaeghar Targaryen made her a queen and was not necessarily kidnapped. The crown signifying her as an equal or his true queen.

But my latest theory is "Whatcha talking about Willis/Wylis?"

Anyone else pick up on the Different Strokes reference? The fact that Hodor's real name is Wylis and all he can say is Hodor? I think Hodor has some key to the truth of what happened to Lyanna Stark as he was seen with her in Bran's last vision. I'm thinking Hodor definitely knows some stuff and that's why all he can say is Hodor. Anyone have any thought's on what Hodor means? Or what he knows? I vaguely remember something in the books mentioning that his place in the story has not been revealed yet. Something tells me we are on the precipice of that revelation.


Lark posted 5/20/2016 15:23 PM

I think Hodor will wind up being significant, though I'm not sure in which way yet

I do like that they've brought Bran back to show him (and the audience) that the way things were "told" were not necessarily how they happened. Opens so much for "and there's so much more there, that we took for granted"

nowiknow23 posted 5/22/2016 21:43 PM


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