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Religious & Political threads

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brokemywife posted 6/13/2006 09:28 AM

yet, there is a thread on a forum here titled "religion"?????????????????

Deeply Scared posted 6/13/2006 09:34 AM

Yes, there is. It's not a debate thread...they're asking if spiritual guidence helps during the very stressful and painful times.


knucklehead posted 8/19/2006 13:20 PM

Well, since I believe in the higher power of chocolate, I think any thread that mentions food should be considered BOTH political AND religious!

angry_wet_cat posted 10/24/2006 14:31 PM

@ the risk of "offending" the "politically correct", "Let's all celebrate divresity and get along" crowd, I'm going to state the obvious -

As OTHERS here have said - - for a lot, if not MOST sincerely believing people of ANY faith, it's DIFFICULT, if not IMPOSSIBLE to SEPARATE religious beliefs from politics.

In certain parts of the world(and we all know pretty much where and with whom)separation of these two things are IMPOSSIBLE.

Does that make them right and those that believe differently, somehow wrong..or vice versa? No!

It's just stating an OBVIOUS FACT that MUST be ACKNOWLEDGED and APPROPRIATELY dealt with, and in the PROPER context, that's all!

It's seems "okay" to discus certain topics and NOT others..and what's acceptable for one or some ISN'T acceptable for others..under the SAME circumstances??

Um, I think the words that MOST come to my mind are MORAL SCHIZOPHRENIA!

As someone just said, "Someone's ALWAYS going to be offened by the TRUTH", and you know what *I* say?


So be it.

That's LIFE.

And LIFE can be pretty damn unfair, cold and downright cruel.


I'd rather be HATED for speaking the OBJECTIVE TRUTH and be HATED for what I REALLY am..that for what I am NOT.

I can't remember off the top of my memory WHO said that, but it's so damn TRUE!

Sex, Religion and Politics.


Let's see..

Infidelity is quite a hot issue that involves one and/or MORE of these equally loaded items.

Someone that CAN'T or WON'T "deal" with it on its terms should, for the illusion of sanity or preconceived notions, NOT look @, stay @ or comment in ANY way, shape and/or form about the content of such sites as SI.com.

Such individuals have the right to bitch and complain and shove their liberal ideology down my and our throats..

*I* and others here have the SAME AND EQUAL right to STAND OUR GROUND and deal with such on OUR terms..WITHOUT being HAMSTRUNG by so-called "political correctness".

'Nuff said.

With strenth, honor and conviction, I am,


** I've put myself through - and been put through - too much to say, think and believe otherwise. **

Deeply Scared posted 10/24/2006 14:39 PM

I'm not sure what part of SI's guideline you're not understanding.

This is not a political or religious board. If that's what you want to discuss, there are plenty of message boards that can accomdate your need. SI is not one of them.


Celestial Venom posted 10/24/2006 14:41 PM


I hadn't read this in a while. Touchy subject?

I am trying to break myself from the higher power of chocolate...

And DS and MH are absolutely the greatest for allowing us all into their living room.. I wouldn't do it, not my living room

spincycle posted 11/7/2006 18:23 PM


I think a couple of groups SHOULD be fair game though.

I think jehovahs witness and scientologists should be OK'ed to snipe at.

I also think that the issues surrounding islam with regards to treatment of women/rape/rights that islam should also be fair game.

Deeply Scared posted 11/7/2006 22:15 PM

Maybe...but not on SI

[This message edited by Deeply Scared at 10:20 PM, November 7th (Tuesday)]

iamsorry posted 1/24/2007 14:19 PM

I for one thank the mods for keeping this a place free of political and religious rhetoric. Everyone keeps saying this crap about “freedom of speech.” Fine, go out and start your own site. This one is privately owned and operated according to what rules they desire not you. If you cannot abide by their rules, then go elsewhere. Faith is one thing, religion is another. How would everyone feel if I spoke openly and freely about my faith in the devil and animal sacrifice? I think that suddenly your “freedom of speech” would not count for me. To say that you pray for someone is a nice thing, it is free of religion. To tell them how your god can help them is another.
By not allowing people to address these topics here where they do not belong, nobody is having anybody force any religious or liberal ideology down anyone’s throat. For those that feel “*I* and others here have the SAME AND EQUAL right to STAND OUR GROUND and deal with such on OUR terms.” Please feel free to do so at your own forum that YOU run and moderate and develop and incur the expenses for. Until that time, this one is subjected to the rules that SI wants as it is THEIR right to do so, and YOUR right to go away and express what ever you want where it is welcome!

Thank you mods for your hard work and enforcing good, well thought-out rules. I look forward to making my donation to a site well run and free of pointless opinionated rhetoric.

tiredandsad posted 2/11/2007 18:26 PM

Oops, did I just goof by saying I wan't religious in an earlier post in General? I meant it in terms of trying to step out of my isolation.

If I erred, I apologize.

kdny posted 2/11/2007 18:30 PM

No, you didn't goof. The rule is that we don't debate religion here, we don't bash others beliefs or their right to believe whatever they want to believe.

That goes for politics too.

tiredandsad posted 2/11/2007 18:37 PM


Politics should be pretty easy. They don't get more apolitical than me although I have been known to argue a stupid point that I don't really even care about just to be ornery.

Have a good night.

hard2live posted 2/19/2007 06:34 AM

My father always told me there are three things you don't discuss in the workplace: politics, religion and sex. At least we can discuss one of the three here.

Nodicei posted 4/29/2007 21:48 PM

previously posted elsewhere

[This message edited by drowninginsorrow at 10:01 PM, April 29th (Sunday)]

spincycle posted 6/26/2007 13:38 PM

No one has responded to this in a while! What about Klingon's?

Mr. Right posted 9/3/2007 21:16 PM

I'm brand-spankin new here, but I think spiritual talk has its place in this kind of forum. After all, did we not all stand before a Pastor and give vows of fidelity so help us God? If our vows were made to each other and before God as our witness, why then, are we afraid to discuss the spiritual aspects of marriage, infidelity and divorce? The spiritual game plays just as much a role in marriage, infidelity and divorce as does the physical and mental games, if not more so. Peace out.

[This message edited by Mr. Right at 9:26 PM, September 3rd (Monday)]

Mr. Right posted 9/3/2007 21:31 PM

And, one more thing. I cannot believe with all these different forums, that one lonely little forum cannot be set aside for people who want to delve into the religious and spiritual issue. It just seems kinda chicken-shit to me that the real crux of most of our marital problems cannot even be addressed on one small little forum. Who's it going to hurt anyway? If people don't want that kind of talk, then they have 100 other forums they can participate in. But, as it is, those of us who clearly see the spiritual side of things are censored and shut out. Excuse me while I...

[This message edited by Mr. Right at 9:34 PM, September 3rd (Monday)]

metamorphisis posted 9/3/2007 21:39 PM

"After all, did we not all stand before a Pastor and give vows of fidelity so help us God?"

Ummm. No we "ALL" didn't. Some of had rabbis or a justice of the peace or a handfasting.. or holy horror are dealing with infidelity in a commited relationship but aren't married.
It makes complete sense to me that while we are dealing with this issue we don't go off into religious debate.
It isn't banned or unmentionable to state your beiliefs as it relates to infidelity. Many people mention prayer. It is just not the board to be sparking a debate about whether "Living in Sin" is acceptable. KWIM?
And FYI as you are brand spanking new here.. our VOLUNTEER moderators are managing a site of 16000 members.. and they are freaking fabulous. Trust me.. their decisions are well thought out and the result of years of experience in moderating this forum.
Welcome to S.I.... I know it takes awhile to get the hang of things but this is a great site

[This message edited by metamorphisis at 9:41 PM, September 3rd (Monday)]

Mr. Right posted 9/4/2007 00:44 AM

Alright, Metamorphisis, you got me there. Only 95% of us had a pastor officiate our wedding. And, I'm sure Hitler had WWII planned out fairly well, too, but it doesn't mean it's right. Now, if you don't mind, I feel a little queezy.... Ahhh, that's better.

[This message edited by Mr. Right at 12:46 AM, September 4th (Tuesday)]

drowninginsorrow posted 9/4/2007 09:26 AM

mr right...spiritual talk is fine...(i see you already found and posted in the inspirations forum)

it's the debates and/or slamming of religious beliefs we don't have here

from the guidelines page:

"Please show respect for others - people of all types, beliefs, and cultures populate these forums. There will be no political statements or discussions, and no religious debates."

and of course the purpose of this whole thread was to reenforce that... not argue it

[This message edited by drowninginsorrow at 9:28 AM, September 4th (Tuesday)]

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