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Stupid Hot Weather Stories


 leafields (original poster guide #63517) posted at 6:47 AM on Saturday, July 6th, 2024

The central air went out for my AC went out today. Received rent increase notice ($50 so not a significant of for me). My landlord isn't taking calls. Call went straight to voicemail kinda...not able to leave a voicemail.

To top it off, the text phone number I have is no longer in service.

The coup de grace is that we're going to have triple digit weather through at least Wednesday.

Luckily, the neighbor had a portable A.C. unit he let me borrow. It's been great. Still, not looking forward to dealing with the landlord.

At least I'm not dealing with a tornado.

What is the stupid stuff you're facing?

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Shehawk ( member #68741) posted at 1:57 AM on Sunday, July 7th, 2024

I am so sorry that you are going through that.

Moved in November from an apartment that flooded AND ac/heat was out for over a month last year when temps ranged from below freezing to 80 with high humidity and where roof leaked and maintenance gaslit like champions that the water marks on ceiling were not real until one day there was something like an inch of water in the kitchen dining room. This shared apartment had something like $200 rent increases each year.

New place he moved to (because of how aweful maint and mgt was at that apartment) FLOODED on the 3rd floor on the 4th. If he had not decided to stay there and study instead of celebrating for the weekend because he is in school there is no telling the devastation we would have returned to. Maintenance and management were among the missing on the 4th and no reply from emergency maint. Management calls Friday after we place several calls to multiple numbers again.

Zero action on their part. Water was pouring out of the wall during the hard rain. Bf saw it happening and caught the water. Mopped and dried it. Decreased the humidity and wall feels dry but who actually knows what caused the problem…

I am still in shock. What are the chances of this happening at a recently constructed downtown repurpose like we live in? Apparently 100 percent.

However bf is a grown adult who is handling the problem, so I am going to keep doing what I am out of town doing and he is going to deal with the mess.

Sending ((virtual hugs)) leafields. The state the previous apartment is in has few tenant rights. I had to finally cite specific rental code I found on the legal aid site to get the old apartment to fix the ac/heat. If I did not do this I am not sure they would have ever fixed the unit which was completely heat or ac. They also had to provide a habitable place in exchange while the work was being completed.

I hope your management is better than that and you are fixed soon. No one needs these kinds of troubles.

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