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Is my WH lying about his guilt??


 Livingingrief (original poster new member #79723) posted at 7:07 PM on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022

I need someone to help me understand this. My H AP was our neighbor and her and her husband were out friends. We would see them everyday. We would sometimes hang out with them as well. My H would talk to her husband frequently about common interests. My H had a 2 month A before cutting it off himself. My H swears he always felt awkward around them during the A but I have a difficult time believing this because he was always in contact with her husband and we would always go hang with them. If he felt guilt about it or if he felt awkward being around them, why would he continue to put himself around them. There were many times we were all together while he was in his A. Looking back, it didn't look like he felt awkward one bit. I dont know what to believe because his actions at the time tell me one thing but my H tells me another. Most people do not have to see their AP with their spouse everyday ( together hanging out or even at separate times but at the same location). How did he feel guilt for all it or how did he compartmentalize the A if the AP was always around and he had to be reminded of what he was doing on a daily basis. This is all so confusing to me. Can someone please shed some light on my situation?

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