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Multi-year affair bomb dropped


 RedSix (original poster New Member #79377) posted at 2:57 AM on Friday, September 10th, 2021

I still haven't heard anything from anyone since telling the AP's husband? Everything was escalating, then complete silence. I should've at least received angry text messages from WH for exposing.

The way you describe it, it was deliberate.

Wouldn't surprise me. I have found communication between them that revolved around hatred for AP's husband and myself. Not even sure why.

I'm not sure you'll get a share of the equity at all unless there is some sort of contract in place.

Correct. We have a relationship agreement, I forfeit my contributions as rent. It's fine, my investments will be worth more. Already cut his payment in half. Would still move after holidays regardless, just to be finished with this.

You probably also want to get custody agreement in place prior to your investments fully vesting. He's still holding on to hope of waiting.

Very good advice, do need to move swiftly on this part while he's distracted. May need to give it a week or two to help regulate some of the stress on myself.

Is he the legal father? On the birth certificate?

Yes and yes.

Thank you everyone, this has been very helpful to speak with people who have gone through this.

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