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he need a throat punch

Notagain1 posted 3/29/2021 19:30 PM

Tonight's conversation started with my mentioning I have a consultation with another attorney on Thursday and ended with me wanting to punch him in the throat!

BACK STORY I have a BS in Elementary Ed, but do to the lack of teaching jobs in the early 2000s, I began working in the Early Childhood field for little money. This was never an issue, because WH works for the federal government and his was the career that was most important in the marriage, so much so I moved to another state with him, my old states teaching license expired and now to get it in the state will involve several classes and time.

BACK to tonight: As we discussed the divorce process he stated he wants our debt paid down more before it is done, so we don't have to live in a dump. I said either way it isn't going to matter, because he makes over $50 and hour and I barely make $15 so I would still be living in a dump. "And I don't even have a four year degree" he says I walked away and teared up instead of punching him in the throat.

My job has always been okay, cause I loved it and we were a team. Infact we had just had that conversation in October. How can things change so fast in just two months. I should have punched him in the throat.

grubs posted 3/29/2021 21:21 PM

Do you need a teaching license to teach at a private school in your state? I know that you don't in my state. My wife never qualified because she was working FT when she finished her BS & MS and wasn't able to take time off to student teach. It hasn't hindered her yet due to working for a private school, but does prevent her from crossing over to public schools.

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